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Bishop Whittingham informs Philander Chase that he has distributed copies of an enclosed document to all the bishops in the US and UK.




Bishop Whittingham, Philander Chase, William Whittingham, Bishops, Church of England, Protestant Church, Episcopal Church


Endorsed by Chase

Bp. Whittingham’s Protest to precede my answer the types of which I hope are not distributed

My addition ot his printed circular of April 7, 1851

Baltimore April 10, 1851

Right Reverend and Dear Sir

I beg leave respectfully to inform you that a copy of the enclosed paper has been sent to each of the Bishops of this Church and also to each of the Archbishops and Bishops of the United Church of England and Ireland -- be the letter, of course, only with the view of conveying information of which it appeared to me necessary that they should be in possession.

Very faithfully and truly

Your friend and Brother

William Rollinson Whittingham

Bishop of Maryland

To the Right Reverend

Philander Chase, D.D.

Bishop of Illinois

Letter to Philander Chase



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