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Philander Chase apologizes to the Archbishop of Canterbury for his delay in writing about Cardinal Wiseman.




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His Grace of Canterbury

[?] Lord Arch Bishop:

I did not [he]ar the news of the Invasion [o]f the English Crown and Church by the Pope & Cardinal Wiseman, until my return home to Jubilee College, Ill: after the rising of the Genel[sic] Convention of our Church in Cincinnati Ohio.

The thought of addressing your Grace and the rest of the Prelates of the Church of England occurred to my mind as the dictate of both duty & affection. But the distance at which the American Bishops live from each other, and the difficulty of collecting their suffrages by mail during the approaching cold winter when our lakes at the north are frozen and our stre[ams] [in] the south are swollen [?] almost precluded the h[?] [?] our writing together our n[?] [?] in a letter of [paternal] s[ym]pathy.


I could [?] however remain silent though alone. My age and sufferings the cause of the Gospel prompted me to speak words of [encou]ragement to the more [?]ful soldiers of Christ especially [?] they be mindful of their [?]ed privilege with the [Cr]own of England as to be secure [?] the enjoyment of the Word of God

This is my apology for addressing singly and on my own responsibility the English prelates & your Grace as their beloved Head

Blessed be god that I am at length joined in this work of love and Sympathy for Our Alma Mather the Church of England

Yesterday the 12th of Feb’y a Copy of an intended address came to hand far more perfect than my own. It was written and sent me by the excellent Bishop of Virginia

It will doubtless be [?] all on our Bench of [?]

The only subject of [?] that so much time [?] elapse before it reach yo[ur] Grace’s eye

To obviate which I can thi[nk] od no way but to have a copy taken by some of my students and immediately to transmit the same across the Atlantic

May God give his speed and blessing to this work of christian fellowship for his Son’s sake

The letter alluded to accompanies this hasty note from Your Grace’s obedient Servant in the Lord

Philan’r Chase

Jubilee College

Feb [13] 1851

Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury



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