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Philander Chase fears a civil war will begin if Queen Elizabeth appoints the Catholic Cardinal Wiseman as the Archbishop of Westminster.




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For Ms Rachel Denison

Jubilee College Reb 5th 1851

Dear Sister:

I suppose our letters passed each other on the way; and “did not speak”

Your dear Daughter Rachel’s most excellent Epistle with your Postscript has gone the rounds among all the dear ones on the Hill, and given pleasure to as many as have read it. Thus may our pleasures be multiplied by charity and love, mutually exchanged.

I have no news to write aside from the tidings which come daily acros[sic] the the Atlantic, and from California. In England all is stir and opposition to the Pope in creating a new, his [Hierarchy] in London.

Parliament, I suppose, met yesterday, and this moment the Queen’s Speech is doubtless in on evry[sic] man’s tongue. Whether for weil[sic] or woe we wait anxily[sic] to hear. If it turn our truly protestant all will rejoice who wish well to the Church of England the only effectual earthly defender of the Bible. Those who are enemies to the Gospel will mourn till they repent. What will result from an Antiprotestant Speech, I tremble, when I conjecture, a civil war seems (to my mind) inevitable.

The Mother of Harlots (in the 17.8 of the Rev’s) sists on the “Beast (The French Nation) “which was was[sic] not and yet is” the Versatile French power, who have pushed the Beast on even so that he has entered the Streets of London, with Cardinal Wiseman appointed to hold the Bridle ven till he mounts the Archiepiscopal throne of the See of Westminster; and there he is now

To drive him thence is the united voice of all England. If the Queen say “No” “the Beast shall remain and cardinal Wiseman shall be the Arch Bp of [Winster]” there must a civil war ensue. There is no middle course.

Besides this dreadful news--there is the more pleasing intelligence that the two sons of Mrs Charlotte Pope of New Bedford, Mass’tts, my dear Wife’s sister, who some time ago had gone to California, are alive and doing well. After a life of great hardship in the Whaling business they went to that region of uncertainty; and have been protected from disease and blessed in their endeavours to assist their widowed mother. This news causes the heart of my beloved wife to rejoice; for she had begun to fear they were no more.

I beg your prayers for your brother, as he does yours, that our path may be made easy and plain by the shining of the Sun of Righteousness of it, in our declining days. Let us not faint nor be weary in well doing, till our change come: for God hath said “he that continueth faithful to the end the same shall be saved” With the best love to the good Doctor and dear Rachel & all; I am your affectionate Bro’


Letter to Rachel Denison Sr. (sister)



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