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Philander Chase announces the death of Orrin Fay Jr.




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Jubilee College

Jan 16 1851

Dear Laura

I r’d this day a letter from your Relatives in the south. Or rather it was a Newspaper containing an obituary of Mr. Orrin Fay (the son of Orrin Fay) your Uncle Dudleys cousin

He died at the house of his Mother living on the Miss. River below Natchez in Louisiana State. The lines evidently were written by some sincire[sic] friend of the young man who was 22 years of aged[sic] when he [-ed] What causes my particular sympathy is the circumstance of the young man’s having so lately written a very good letter making inquiries concerning his Relatives in this quarter of our country & in my answer my having mentioned your name as one of them in whose acquaintance he would rejoice.

Dear young man! He is now in the midst of all his promises [and] prospects taken from us

We should lay his early death to heart dear Laura! I am Old and must go soon--very soon: But even you may be soon called. Oh that your faith were such n the Love of Jsus that you might be willing to follow your interesting Relation to a state of Blessedness.

Set God always before you Pray for a spirit of humility and meekness and submission to his will Set not your affections on earthly things but set your heart on heavenly things Love all things which God loveth hate the sins which led your Saviour to the Cross Pray for the sanctifying influences of the Holy Ghost; and bring up your Children in the Nurture and admonition of of the Lord.

I hop you have not ceased to take and read that excellent religious newspaper the Christian Witness. It is quite free form Romanizing tendencies and contains many words of admonition to the impenitent & consolation to the faithful.

My health was improving till the very cold days commenced I must kep housed for a few months

You have my fervent prayers for your spiritual welfare for blessings with may prove useful to you & yours.

Your Grand Mother sends her kind regards to you

Your loving Grand Father P.Chase


I am told you have left Sheboygan and moved to Plymouth. Give my best love to Eliza & to yours and her Husband.

Is your mother with you? If so give my kind regards to her also

Write to your Uncle Dudley to send you the Slip of Paper I inclosed in a letter to him

All are well on the College Hill

The twins grow finely--Mrs Russell their Grand Mother fairly broods over them

Our School flourishes & our Secular affairs go on well under the wise superintendance[sic] of your Uncle Henry whom we now address as “Esquire Chase.” Philander is well & doing well as a Professor of Mathematics

Letter to Laura Chase



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