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Philander Chase writes a diatribe against "Romanish forces" in England.




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Jubilee College

13. Jan 1851

My dear Grand Daughter Mary Olivea!

How thankful I am that you and all the dear ones are well in Chicago, and Steubenville and Wisconsin: and that we are to expect you here on Jubilee Hill in March!

Good news-- this to my mind ever anxious for your welfare.

The twins were both well till this morning when tidings came that Nelly was seized with convulsions. The fit continued more than an hour. We all sympathize with with[sic] the sweet little sufferer beyond the power of description. Your Dear Grand Mother is now preparing to go and see her. God grant her counsel may be of use!

You ask me what i think of the antipopish movement in Eng’d. Read the 17 Chapter of the Revelation of St. John. At the 8th version you will read of the French Nation styled the Beast that “thou sawest [which] “was, and is not & yet is.” How true of that perfidious & versatile Nation!

On this Beast the Mother of Harlots rides, and a fine figure she makes now in the streets of London.

The Queen is astonished at the sight; and asks Cardinal Wiseman (who holds the Bridle of the Beast on which his mistress is riding), how he could presume to invade her dominions? The Cardinal produces the pass-port of the Queen’s Prime Minister Lord John Russell

Her Majesty sends for his Lordship and boxes his ears for his presumption. The Prime Minister confesses his fault and says he will mend the matter by taking back his blandishments with the Harlot & sits down & writes a letter to the Bp of Durham telling him how much the Queen feels herself insulted.

The matter gets wind as the news flies all over England--Jho. Bull bellows and tries to rouse himself from his [care] but alas! the toils of the woman in scarlet are too well spread & cunningly fastened & to be easily broken.

Cardinal Wiseman knows this, and so marches on [?] dismayed: and at length they have enthroned him and his Mistress on the Arch:episcopal throne of Westminster.

The Beast. (The French Nation) is well fed in the stables and is on his way, by this time, for the Continent--where the “ten kings,” the German popish princes, after joining with the beast will make war on Dear Old England. All for the sake of their beloved Mistress in Scarlet.

This would be called a caricature worthy of a place in bow windows; and would excite no little ridicule were it a mere creature of human imagination. But it is far from being this. It is from the pen of Inspiration. The hand writing is divine and I fear is too similar in its nature & design to that on the wall of Bellshazar[sic]. The Gentile Church including many who once called themselves Protestants must read “[mere] [?]” for the Kingdom of God is about being taken [nor] them and given to the Jews who soon will soon will[sic] prove themselves more worthy of of

I should have more hopes of the fulfilment of your pious wish that the present aggressions of the Pope will cause the English to view the Romanish Religion in its true light and those [who] cling more closely to the establishmen[sic] of the Church of England; if I could see any evidence of repentance of their manifold sins.

If the Bishops would be more humble and divide their fat livings with the poor curates and if they and the Lay Lords would make more liberal provision for the preaching of the gospel among the ignorant & poorer classes--if they as a nation would say we have grievously sinned and therefore spare us Good Lord--Spare thy people whom thou hast redeemed by thy precious blood & be not angry with us forever! If [they] could be sincerely and [?] throughout that once favoured land; I should have more hopes of success in their present struggles. But of this day of Repentance I see no appearance at the present. They all say “they are more indignant than alarmed” Poor dear Church of England. There is an other entrance into the City besides that which cardinal Wiseman has entered. It is that of the Chartists Gebal and Amalec and they of Tyre who when they shall have helped to repel the Babelonish forces will turn their [enquiring] arms against the Temple itself, so that Jerusalem that fair city will become a heap of Rubbish.

And where shall we here in America be? Alas. Alas! Who shall stand when God ariseth to shake terribly the Earth for our sins.

Your Grand Father will, he trusts, be in heaven with your Angel Father.

Dear Mary farewell

May God bless & keep you from all evil till you also there join your loving Grand Father

Philan’r Bishop Chase

Letter to Mary Olivia Chase



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