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Philander Chase wishes his friend John Kinny a happy new year.




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To John Kinny Esquire of Portsmouth Ohio

My dearest Friend;

I cannot let the Christmas and the New Year Holydays pass without sending you compliments of the most affectionate character. My whole heart goes along with my pen, when I assure you of my devoutest prayer for your happiness in time and eternity.

How is it that I love you so well? but that I know you to be an honest man, a character so rare in this naughty world? To this knowledge I have never ceased to entertain the never dying consciousness that you were my friend in all the difficult scenes & troubles of my life. When I was in England the last time, I re’d a letter from a person who had then recently conversed with you, saying that “you remembered me in your prayers.” No tidings were ever more welcome to me than this assurance: and when I last saw you in Cincinnato our embraces were to my heart like those of most loving brothers: the remembrance of which will never be effaced till renewed in Heaven.

Our declining years admonish us that this will shortly come to pass

Our troubles then will be over. Redeemed by the Saviour’s blood and sanctified by His Spirit we shall then be (what God, our Creator intends we shall be), happy forever.

Oh! my friend & Christian Brother, I can not express to you the joy it gives me even to think of it!

I am thankful in being able to assure you of the good health of all my family. Mrs Chase begs to be most kindly remembred to you, and all your daughters and Sons not forgetting tour worthy pastor and his excellent wife niece to Bp Griswold

If I had toom in this short note, I would say more to your of our affairs; but you may read of them more at large, in the little “Motto” (1st No of 2˚ Vol) just sent to your address.

Pray write to me: Even a few lines from your own pen would give great pleasure o your devoted & most affectionate friend.

Philander Chase

Last day in the year of our Lord 1850. Jubilee College

Letter to John Kinny



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