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Sophia Chase has taken sick after her and Philander's return from Cincinnati.




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Jubilee Cottage 10 of Nov 1850

My dear Grand Daughter

Mary Olivea Chase

I am now watching by the bedside of your dear Grand mother

She was taken ill this morning and was obliged to keep her bed while I went to church and preached in the forenoon.

On my return about one P.M. I found her in great distress with pain in her stomach and and[sic] limbs.

No medicine could be kep on her stomach till a strong application of mustard on her breast by way of Counter irritation has enabled her to keep pure calomel in its place for a few moments and in this interval between her [?], I am able to write you a few lines to thank you for your good letter and to tell you that we were most mercifully preserved in returning home through the middle of Illinois form Albion to Springfield and Jacksonville & Naples thence home free from all accidents.

What would have become of us had Mrs C been taken sick on the way! How merciful is a kind Providence in accommodating his chastisements for our sins to our ability to bear them!

Anna is here tho’ Phil’r is absent on Miss’y duty at Princeville.

Sarah is doing well with her dear Twins and Mary with her fine new Boy. I have many letters to answer found on my table on my return homie all on business of a most pressing character But of these and their painful contents I must not think now. My heart is continually rising in prayer to God that my chief earth[ly] stay may not be taken from me.

Let her have the benefit of your prayers also dear dear Mary

Your loving grand Father

Phi’r Chase

Letter to Mary Olivia Chase



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