John Vigers



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John Vigers explains the financial situation of the orphaned Taylor children and the money donated by their surviving relatives.




John Vigers, Adam Hodgson, William Taylor, Ellen Taylor, Samuel Maddox, Thomas Taylor, finances, money, transmittance, orphans, bank


Hawkstone Inn



1st April /50

My Lord Bishop

The very kind letter which your Lordship sent to me, containing sorrowful tidings Respecting my late neighbours Mr. Wm Taylor and his wife came safe to hand. The statement, which your Lordship has received that he left £20 in my hands to pay his club, is correct. And I was afterwards at considerable expence myself to clear him out of the Clubwhich I cherfully[sic] give for the benefit of his children. The club allows £10.10.0 for Wm Taylor, and £9.10.0 for Ellen Taylor, his wife. Mr Saml Maddox and Mr Thoms Taylor, Uncles to the Children, have each of them, given £1--- making in all, the Sum of £22--- which I have paid into the hands of Adam Hodgson Esqr of Liverpool, your Lordship’s Friend, if your Lordship pleases, it will be necessary for Wm Taylor to sign the receipt for the £20 received from the club, witnessed by Your Lordship if agreeable. The Grand Father, Uncles, and other Friends of the Children, join me in love to them all, and while we sorrow for the distress which they have been brought into in a Foreign land, we are enabled also greatly to rejoice at that good providence which hath raised up for them, in their distress so kind and benevolent a friend as your Lordship

I Remain

My Lord Bishop

Your Most Obede’t

& Most Humble Serv’t

John Vigers

Letter to Philander Chase



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