John Vigers



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John Vigers complies with Lord Kenyon's request to pay to Philander Chase's bank account under Adam Hodgson for the support of orphaned children.




John Vigers, Philander Chase, Adam Hodgson, finances, money, transmittance, bank, orphans


Hawkstone Inn Feb’y 13th /50


I am directed by the Lord Kenyon to ask you the kind favour to alow[sic] me to pay a sum of money for your friend Bishop Chase account to be paid and the amount to be paid to the account of Messrs Moss Bankers for him and I shall feel very much obliged to you to say weather[sic] you can alow[sic] me to place the money to be paid for the Rig’t Rev’d Bishop Chase throu the Adam Hodgson Esqr account with Messrs Moss Bankers of Liverpool as it is for a[sic] orphan Family of children who have lost their Farther[sic] & Mother who Emigrated in Jan’y /49 to that countary[sic] and the Bishop as[sic] shoon[sic] them great simpelty[sic] since their [arrival] there and says that they are in great want and the money is from a friendly Society that is coming to the dear orphan’s[sic] who are ten in number and I do not know the exaect[sic] sum that will be paid by the society at present but I will write and let you know the exact sum as soon has[sic] I am in posesion[sic] of the amount

I beg to subcribe[sic] myself

Your humble [servant]

John Vigers

Adam Hodgson Esqr


Letter to Adam Hodgson



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