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S.N. Child thanks Philander Chase for his donation of $15.00 and requests five more to pay off debts until he can earn an income form his new school.




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Warsaw Feb. 13th 1850

To Rt. Revd Bishop Chase

Dear Bishop

Your letter of Feb 1st has been received, inquiring “how many Candidates for Confirmation are duly prepared” In answering the inquiry directly, I would say that there are only four, whom I should deem “duly prepared” yet more than that number have expressed a wish to join the church but are not yet sufficiently instructed.

Should these be noticed that you would visit us, in two or three months, I think there would be some 8 or 10, (by God’s grace) duly prepared for that Apostolic rite.

I hope this answer may induce you to appoint a visitation here--to our great joy.

I have just opened a school-- thro’ necessity, as my board bill is unpaid--& likely to be till I settle it--but our people are few & poor, & not to be censured.

The school occupies almost all my time yet I preach in the morning & have Sunday school in the afternoon. The services are better attended, than when I last wrote.

The $15.00 that you paid me in Oct. was the last money that I have rec’d from any source (except a marriage fee that I sent to my wife, to bear her expenses here) Of this fifteen dollars, six were spent in the recovery of my truck that was taken from me while coming here. So I arrived here & have continued, almost penniless. I shall get nothing from my school till after three months & tho’ you have paid me more than my due, yet if you could spare me five dollars, (for a few little debts here) I think I shall be able to maintain my credit.

Should this favor prove anywise embarrassing to your present circumstances, think not of me btu allow me to adopt your motto “Jehovah Jireh”

Yours aff’ty & obediently

S.N. Child

Letter to Philander Chase



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