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Lord Kenyon fears the spread of Popery in the English Church.




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Nov’r 9 1849

My dearest Bishop

I have read with great interest & may I add with entire [concurrence] of feeling [controversial] publication in the principles of C [Leslie] & [?] Jones, only wish we had more of these among our Bishops & dignitaries. The high importance of our Sacraments and of the Ministers of our Blessed Lord’s religion of His own appointment & not by the Will of Man no one can venerate more than I do -- and no one can more deeply lament than I do when it seems that those who are so placed in there seem to think of their own personal consequence or authority necessarily [exerting] [dislike] to that which thro’ out ought exhibit as little as possible of self & as much as possible of humble devotion to Him from whom all proceeds. The unhappy effect of our Puseyite party here is too surely [tending] to promote Popery which especially thro’ the artful influence of the Jesuits [?] that [?] value tow’ds the pure Protestant Episcopacy of our Church & of yours in America ought naturally to increase its spread. It is very sad to see to see[sic] it so plainly and to perceive the [?] in families created by it. The declaration in Bishop [?]’s Charge was a matter [?] [?] to [?] [for] so jealous & not devoted a Xtian as he is, much produce weight by what he writes. In [our] Parish here we have just got a very nice Clergyman [at] after much neglect wh we have endured is a [?] blessing to see, and my precious Marianne a true Churchwoman enjoys it mist gratefully towd’s [them] from whom such graces mercifully proceed. She & all my flock thank God are well. All present she alone is with me. Our Country is just peaceable & I have little reason to complain of the times, as I was never better off as to money affairs, only the demands increase on me so as preclude me from doing much that I wish to do. I was at my Schools yesterday & much comforted by true Church of england Education the sole object of my desire. I only wish I could give it a greater extent. We have had no Visitation of Cholera thank God, & are next week going under the authority of a Queens Letter [?] publick thanks to the Almighty fruits, almost entire [?]. I only wish the public acknowledgement had been offered long ago. The style in which now the Queen is made to express Herself is very satisfactory. I only wish there was more uniform [affection] towards our Venerable Church shown by Her Majesty. I am very jealous of sort of German feelings wh seem occasionally to prevail Dear Mrs Marriott & er Daughters are [partly] well & her sons amiable I believe, but misled some times I think. Ever my dearest Bishop begging your blessing on me and mine Believe me your most affectionate Kenyon

Letter to Philander Chase



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