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Philander Chase discusses the logistics of assembling the House of Bishops prior to the General Convention.




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Jubilee College Nov 9 1849

To the Rt Rev Bishop hopkins

Very dear Brother

Your fav’r of the 29th ulto in this moment re’d.

I entirely concur in the opinions you recite: and to shew you that I do so from previous consideration; I have pleasure in telling you that no call of the Bishops together would have been made till the meeting of the next Gen’l Convention when they can all be together.

I am limited by no expression in the V. canon. I can protract the time of meeting to any Moment however shortly previous to the day fixed for the Gen’l Convention. I am required to give 3 month notice previous to the meeting of the House of Bishops - this I do and more even to the week or day preceding of the Gen’l Con’v.

If against this determination of mine, the Rt Rev Brethren friendly to the object proposed by them were to urge their surprise. I could urge the same plea in being called on to assemble and extra meeting of the house of Bishops at an inclement season of the year (for they mention February) at an expense to them intolerable and for an end which if effected would disgrace the name of Christians for restoring a “guilty” Bp without the semblance of contrition.

But four of the Brethren have concurred with Bp McRosky[sic] and Bp Delancy in the request alluded to. This sudden stoppage (of the extraordinary opinion that such a meeting were now necessary and legal), may be owing to your communications. If so we ought to thank you for your interference.

The requisition of a majority (in favour a candidate for the Episcopate) from among the Bishops has not yet been complied with, in the case of Dr Upfold. Several having desired the same may be put off till the next Conven’n, I suppose is the Reason. I thank you for your communication on this subject tho I differ from you in the expediency of the measure especially after hearing of the proposed restoration of B.T.O.

If I should be permitted to assemble with the House of Bishops once more in this world I pray that nothing may occur which would make me regret having met them

Yours truly

Phi’r Chase

Letter to Bishop Hopkins



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