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Philander Chase justifies his opposition to the consecration of Dr. Upfold as Bishop of Indiana.




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To the Right Rev’d

Bishop Potter

Jubilee College Sept 11th 1849.

Dear Brother

I recd your favor of the 30th of Augt and can assure you that according to the Evidence before me sentby one of your own Presbyters in good standing I opposed and now so far as I am concerned must oppose the consecration of the Rev Dr Upfold from conscientious principles. The fear of God as well as “the love of his Church” constrained me. What the world will say of my motives in such a case as this I ought not to regard, and therefore must think your caution touching this point gratuitous.

If I have been led astray by false testimony; if the Rev Mr Stewart be a slanderer of the Rev Dr Upfold and if the persons whose names he gives as fellow witnesses of what Dr Upfold attended contradict the purport of his, the Rev Mr Stewarts letter the case will be altered.

As it is, you say you “are in possession of the precise slanders of which Dr U. is supposed to have been the Author.” Pray have the goodness to compare the same with the first letter of the Rev Mr Stewart, which I had the honour of inclosing for your inspection, and if there be any material discrepancy write to him for an explanation and also to the persons to whom he appeals for the truth of his words.

My impressions are that Dr Upfold is a slanderer of his Brethren and a contemner of the Court of Bishops faults now too common among us and which if permitted to be perpetuated will prove the ruin of the Episcopal Church in these United States.

As to personal Considerations, so far as they can be separated from the fear of God and the welfare and honour of his kingdom, I disclaim them, and in deep humility of soul pray they may never influence my conduct in an affair of this important nature. If Dr Upfold has injured me I freely forgive him, knowing my own need of forgiveness at God’s hands every day of my life

Having said thus much and craving pardon for any thing if said amiss I am

Rt Rev & Dear Sir

Your faithful

Friend and Brother

Phil’r Chase

Rt Rev. John Henry Hopkins DD.

Jubilee College Sep 11 1849

Dear Brethren

By yesterdays mail I received the “evidence of the consent” of a majority of the standing committees & the consecration of the Rev George Upfold DD. according & [Canon] [V] to ask for your consent to the same.

With great respect I am your faithful friend and Brother in the Lord

Phi’r Chase

Pres’g Bishop

Letter to Bishop Potter



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