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Philander Chase forwards a letter from H.P Steward concerning Dr. Upfold to Bishop Hopkins.




Philander Chase, H.P. Stewart, Bishop Hopkins, Dr. Upfold, Reverend Upfold


To the Right Rev Bishop of Vermont

Jubilee College Aug’t 28 /49

My dear Brother

The following is a copy of the first letter I rec’d from the Rev. H.P. Stewart. A subsequent one containing a summary of the first letter, with permission to make use of his name I rec’d sometime afterwards from him and sent a copy of the same to Dr. Upfold himself since his election ot the Episcopate of Indiana as a reason why I could not consent to his consecration.

“Connellsville, Fayette Co. Pa. July 14 46

Rt. Rev. Father,

Being in company with several clergymen on a late occasion when the actions of the Bench of Bishops were rather severely criticised by one whose gray hairs and official station were calculated to give weight to his opinions, your own character and present position was referred to in a way which compelled me to interfere. It was remarked that you were in the receipt of some $4000.00 or $5000.00 per annum and were possessed of an [annual] estate and had made no will public, and there was no security that the Church would ever receive aught which had been committed to your care, that avarice was your besetting vice and that you never forgot one who had once crossed your path

I need not say that those present were shocked at such a public and shameless attach on the reputation of one whom we have been accustomed to regard as one of the Fathers of the Church, and also at the wholesale condemnation of many of our other Bishops which accompanied it. And although every thing was said on the occasion which could be said by one who is an entire stranger to you yet I feel that since your last published letter, the sympathizers with the late Bishop of New York, have resorted even to this silly calumny as a means of destroying your influence

On the same occasion it was itimated[sic] that you represented yourself much more injured that you were in reality by your late accident in order to obtain larger damages.

Will you be so kind as to consider this a confidential communication, &c.


Yours &C

H.P. Stewart”

Yours truly P. Chase Bp. Ill

Rt. Rev. P. Chase D.D.

Bishop of Illinois

Letter to Bishop Hopkins



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