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Philander Chase hopes Mary Olivia will improve her writing skills, and laments his financial situation.




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To Miss Mary O Chase


Jubilee Cottage Feb: 8 49

My dear Grand Daughter;

Your uncle my dear son Philander Jun’r has requested me to put a letter to you under cover of my frank and good wishes.

He is a good and faithful son to me and most loving uncle of yours. His cares as a teacher (chiefly mathematical) and a students have crowded out of his mind all attention to neatness in writing. Like Howard the Prince of benevolent deeds, he seems to have passed over this part of an education, which I am happy to notice un all your letters and writing for me ha been so sedulously attended to. Indeed I have noticed that Collegans in general are guilty of this fault and suffer much pain in correcting it when they appear on the public stage of life. A lawyer not long since was deeply mortified at finding that in making a declaration in court, he had mistaken the way of spelling the word “Canon law” having written it with a double n -- “Cannon law[.]” Being rebuked by his adversary the whole court laughed at his confusion -- by which his influence suffered & he left his cause.

My general health is improving; though at times I have relapses somewhat distressing[.] I am suffering most of all for the want of money -- Two clips of fine wool of 2000 sheep unsold -- the fact causes me much embarrassment. Besides the floods have done considerable damage to the dam of our mill. The deficiency in our Beneficiary fund of the students in College increases and having no salary from the Diocese the non payment of the stipend promised from the Missy Society is felt severely. My friends in Chicago in attempting to borrow money to pay for goods purchased for the College in that city demand of me twelve percent interest.

The lands spoken of my good Dr. Totten in his letter which I sent you can not be sold. So many people going to California are eager to sell to get money to bear their expenses; and this it is which reduces the price of the lands in the sale of which hopes were entertained of repaying me for what I have advanced from my Michigan estate. As the instalments come in all is absorbed in payment of the College debts. Your Uncle Hezekiah says he can send me a little more by and by: but in the mean time I suffer exceedingly

Still God be praised I am enabled now and then to preach the word: and at all times to pray most heartily

Dear Mr Kellogg has gone to N Orleans I did hear that his friend Dr. Hanks was taken off by the [Chotora]; but my hopes are gratified by a letter dated in that City on the 16th of Jan that the news is not correct. Let us bless God that this talented preacher of the truth is still spared to glorify his great name

We all remember you with the kindest esteem and life in hopes to see you next summer at its earliest approach. Take the first oppor’y after reading this to present my most loving regards to your dear Step Father good Mr Morse, also to your excellent Mother and best of Aunts Miss Ann Wells. Tell them all we are made quite happy by our New Visiter. Your most affectionate G.F. P. Chase

Letter to Mary Olivia Chase



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