Thomas Holme



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Thomas Holme struggles to raise money for James George's scholarship at Jubilee College.




Thomas Holme, Philander Chase, James George, Mrs. George, tuition, scholarship, education, finances, debt, donations


Please write to me as soon as you receive the money --- direct

The Rev. Tho. Holme. East Cowton


Yorkshire Jan 25, 1849

Right Reverend & very dear Sir

When your letter arrived yesterday I was at Richmond giving a commission to my Bankers tehre requesting them to instruct Messrs Barclay to pay to you through some Bank in New York the sum of £20 of which £10.19.4 is for the education of J. George at Jubilee, and the remainder £9.0.8 is for Mrs George being a sum due to her from Mr Nelson her Trustee which she requested me to send to send[sic] her through you. I am sure you will be glad to have it in your power to do her this kindness, & that you will take an early opportunity of remitting the above sum to her. I find upon consulting my Book that I have still a balance of between three and four pounds on hand in your favour, & I hope that by the end of the present year or early in the next I may be able to send you another, I will hope, a larger remittance. I need not say that I am grieved that I cannot raise a larger sum but the calls on charity in England are so numerous both on public & private occasions that a stranger cannot easily conceive the difficulty there is in obtaining donations from those who have it in their power to give -- I have only met with one church in which I could obtain permission to plead the cause of Jubilee & the cause being foreign & not easily appreciated the collection was only £1.15. It is humiliating to mention this circumstance, but I hope that from private sources I may be able from time to time even after J. George shall leave Jubilee to send a trifle in support of so important an institution. I was much gratified by Dr. Totten’s testimony in favour of Jubilee, though your own name must be a guarantee to all who know you that selfishness has no place in the establishment or management of a College which must produce such incalculable benefit as well to our own beloved Church as to the state in which it is situated -- Agreeable to your request I will take an early opportunity of transmitting Dr. Totten’s Letter to our worthy Bishop, who I doubt not will be gratified by the perusal -- I trust the Lord will give you the privilege of living to see His work prosper in your Hands. Believe me, dear and esteemed Sir, it is often my prayer, & I doubt not that of many friends in England that your hands may be strengthened and that you may be blessed in your own soul -- I wrote to you some two months ago requesting you to send in an acct of J. George’s expenditure -- As you make no allusion to this letter I conclude it has never reached you. As I wrote by the same Post £ dear Mrs George & without receiving an answer I am afraid that my letter to her also has been lost. I have not time to write to her by the present post but I hope that I shall be able to find an opportunity of doing so by the next mail. By the time that this reaches you my eldest Son I hope will be at or near your Continent -- He sailed as Naval Instructor in H.M.S. Daphne for Valparaiso in I.A. last December. Though this place is far from Illinois, I little thought that the time wd ever come when he would be nearer to you than to me. In these last times when men are running to & fro is it possible that any of mine shall ever see you or yours in the flesh -- With every [?] of esteem I am dear Sir yours very truly T. Holme

Letter to Philander Chase



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