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Philander Chase censures the practice of sending sick members of the "City Clergy" to Europe to cure their bronchitis.




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Jubilee College Jan 18th 1849

My dear Grand Daughter Mary Olivea:

I thank you for your precious Christmas letter, and sincerely reciprocate all your good wishes. May the God of our Fathers bless preserve and keep you; may He lift up the light of his countenance upon you and give you peace both now and ever more”

I am glad to learn that your dear Aunt Ann intends to make us a visit in the coming sprint. Don’t fail to come with her, dear dear Mary! Remember that your Grand Father is “old and grey-headed; and that his strength faileth him.” One more visit from one se dear to him surely you’ll afford “before he go hence and be no more seen.” Let us (during a short period now) mingle our hearts & prayers that hereafter we may enjoy without ceasing the society of my most beloved Son your Father in heaven.

I am truly sorry to hear that good Mr. Morse, (who is so precious to us all here since his excellent sermons last summer) is indisposed. May he be restored without resorting to that very doubtful [?] adopted by “our City Clergy” to go abroad. This is a Weed in the garden of our Church which our Fathers knew not, and which must be pulled out or the sunshine of God blessing will soon be withdrawn from us. Our City Clergy are indeed “waxing fat At the expense of their brethren in the country. If the money spent in gadding (by which I mean going without a cause) to Europe to care bronchitis -- alias their vain curiosity -- were devoted to support the Church in her Western labours, we might in some good & righteous sense lay claim to an Apostalic Communion: but as it is our own pretensions are too much like vain boasting.

I wrote you so lately that were I to continue to talk, it might be deemed needless. We are all well on the College Hill and this will call forth your praises as it does our gratitude to God.

Your loving G’d Fa’r Phil’r Chase

Letter to Mary Olivia Chase



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