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Philander Chase discusses the moral foundations of Jubilee College.




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Sunday 17th of Decr 1848

Dear Sister Rachel

Last thursday was my birthday 73 years old. I made no acct of it except to reflect on the transitory character of human life.

For nearly four weeks past I have been afflicted with a weakening complaint, the name of which is not made known to me. It affects my bowels sometimes with more and sometimes less painfulness. Last sunday & the sunday before I went to Church and preached Once: But this day I fear I must stay at home.

My spirits are good and my faith the LordJesus Christ is strong. May the good God strenthen[sic] and increase my confidence in his mercy!

I have addressed to you in the course of the past week a little printed paper containing the Rev Dr. Tottens letter to his friend in Hartford with some observations of my own. With this I hope you will be pleased for several reasons. The first is that the whole treats of things pertaining to “the Kingdom of God and his righteousness” which we are told to seek first of all others. Jubilee College seeks to promote this Kingdom. She stands on the ground occupied by the Reformers o the Church of England in her days of purity -- ground marked out and deeded to her & her faithful descendants by the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ a deed sealed to every individual who believeth his name and sheweth his faith by obedience:

Jubilee College being founded on such ground morally and as a Spiritual Institution must be secured against perversion by every lawful Earthly means. Accordingly all her domain, buildings, and landed estate is committed to her by Deeds of Trust only; the condition being that she never depart from her first principles neither to Rome nor Geneva.

The Holy Ghost guided men’s minds into all truth during the three first centuries. The arts and the Epistles of the Apostles carry down the history of our religion till long after the establishment of Episcopacy: What then remaineth but that we adhere to the faith & form of sound words thence delivered unto us?

The very trustworthy Report of Good Dr Totten has given me occasion to open anew my correspondence with my English Friends. In attempting this I am deeply affected at the sight of the many who have left this for another world. Lord Gambier Mr Pratt Mr GW Marriott Lady Ross[sic] Mrs Wiggin and a host of others have all gone. Who are they that remain for me to address and in whose bosom. I can revive & excite an interest in favour of the Far West? Alas! Who?

Some I have found -- and some I know are willing to help us. But who will strike the Rock that the waters of benevolence may flow? This is a hard question to answer now that my strength faileth me. What think you of my soliciting the aid of my brother of Canterbury? You will smile when I tell you that I have indeed written to his Grace and thro’ him desired to be remembered to all the Bishops of England that as we are all the descendants of those who were “Fishers of men” I hope we may like our Predicessors[sic] draw on our nets in saving the souls of men and not think it worth our while to spend our pains & strength in dragging them to find obsolete Rubricks or the legends -- the lying legends of Rome.

My dear Wife says I have drawn a bow at venture but shakes her head when I talk of success. But why go abroad when there is enough at home in the pockets of the Rich? Ans’r Because the English are better givers than Americans. They have faith in God’s promises and we have little of that in our breasts. Let us pray that our stony hearts may be softened. If they be not so by Mercies they will be by affliction. That which will not melt must be broken.

All send love. Your loving brother


Letter to Rachel Denison



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