Philander Chase



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Philander Chase informs his granddaughter Laura of the goings-on of the Chase family.




Philander Chase, Laura Chase, Mary Olivia Chase, Dudley Chase, Richard Radley. Rockford, Kickapoo, Aurora, Illinois, Michigan, Jubilee College, wool, sheep, travel


Jub. Col. Jube 26 47

My dear Grand Daughter Laura

Life is short especially with an old man like myself-- Besides the Dreadful disease of the Cholora[sic] is carrying off its thousands.

I look around me, and feel deeply impressed with grateful emotions in finding that so many of our dear Relatives are yet among the living. But one of my clergy has, as yet, been taken the excellent Mr Mrs [Allonan] who lived near you at Little fort. He died the 18th of this month in peace and in hope of a blessed resurrection.

The Rev. Mr. Saml Chase the R[‘d] Mr. R. Radley and your uncle Henry I Chase went as [evidences] to the Court at Springfield Ill. They stayed three weeks and returned with the good news of my [having] gained my cause against [Moore]: he having 1 night a writ of ejectment from the College land. [Had] he been successful we should have been ruined. I [trust] our gratitude for success against the wicked will lead us to obey the laws of the God who ruleth over us, with more constant solicitude & humanity.

We are now nearly thro’ with the tedious job of taking the fine fleeces from 2000 sheep: When it is over we shall rejoice and praise the Lord for his goodness.

Your Uncle Dudley and his sweet family left us today to go in a covered vehicle on a Missionary tour of Rockford on Rock River. I am overwhelmed with care in preparing the 8th No. of the Motto and in extensive correspondence. My health generally is better. I can walk a little ways and ride in a buggy with a pillow behind me with less pain than I did when you were here.

I hear that Mr & Mrs Safford have left Aurora and gone to Michigan: but I have no letter as yet from him giving the reasons why. Olivea is still in Aurora keeping school.

We are all well and the crops on our extensive grounds look finely.

The Students are getting on in their learning a candidate for Deacons orders was examined yesterday, & by your Uncle Dudley and passed with approbation his first examination.

The consecration of Kikapoo[sic] Church is appointed on the second Sunday in July. The corner stone of a noble church in Peoria will I trust soon after take place. The Rev Mr Chamberlain Mary’s husband will deserve great praise under God for his exertions.

My prayers are constantly offered to the Throne of Grace for you & Eliza & your Dear Children your mother and your worthy husband

Your affectionate Grand Father

Philan’r Chase

Letter to Laura Chase



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