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Philander Chase forgives William Sparrow.




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Jubilee College Mar. 28 1848

My dear Young Brother in the Lord:

I re’d by last mail your kind letter mentioning the case of our mutual Relative, the Rev. Wm Sparrow. D.D. now a professor in the Theo’l Sem’y in Alexandria.

Now I am old and near the time when God calls me into his presence. You ask me whether I forgive him? I answer “Yes” with all my heart; and moreover most sincerely pray that God would forgive him, as He forgiveth me for Christ’s sake

As to the matter of “obliveon”[sic] I am at a loss to apply the word to the case. The facts have become matters of history, and can not be forgotten till God blots them from the book remembrance. Joseph did not think of Obliveon[sic] or the necessity of forgetting what his brethren had done when “hos bowels did yearn upon his brethren” -- It sufficed him to say, “Ye thought evil against me but God meant it for good.”

I was much affected at the message which General Ed Kind who had been drawn into the vortex which swept me from Ohio, sent me from his dying bed, begging my forgiveness for the injury he had done me in that unhappy affair.

I need not say how willingly my heart responded to his request. By mention of this I do not mean to say that confession to me is my sine qua non -- If he had confessed to God only it would have been sufficient. My forgiveness was in wrought in my daily prayers, “O God forgive all those who have here done or wish me evil”; and to this I added “enable me to forgive them as thou hast commanded me”

Thus also it stands in regard to our [mual] relative. I do most heartily forgive him, whether he see fit to ask my forgiveness or not, And if any unforgiving feeling lurk in my bosom, I ask for divine grade & subdue it altogether.

Mrs Chase joins me in kindest regards to Mrs Burgess

The 3d No of the Motto will soon follow this to Gardiner.

Dudleys plain statement I hope you’ll approve.

We are sowing the seeds in our garden altho the weather is too cold for them to grow much: some are up, but the frost keeps them back.

It is much to with our moral & religious [culture] in the [?].

We sow the seed -- but the frost of sin -- the sin of Covetousness -- nips every thing. May the Son of Righteousness shine upon us and warm our cold hearts and quicken our dying powers.

Your faithful and affectionate and aged Brother in Christ

Philander Chase

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