Philander Chase



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Philander Chase expresses his sympathies to his niece Rachel Denison about the sudden death of her brother Joseph.




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Jubilee College

Aug’t 29 1848

My very dear Niece:

I would tell you of my own sorrows, yet yours are so much greater that I am compelled to be silent and mingle my tears with yours. The death of your dear Brother Joseph is indeed an unexpected event: and your account of it which we re’d this day has filled my own heart and that of all on the hill with a deep solemnity seldom experienced. Not that we doubt his preparedness to die -- but that we are made so suddenly to feel the great need of divine grace to fit us to obey the like summons.

I am old and have had much to do in trying through divine goodness to prepare others to meet their charge but I will assure you that the news of the death of my dear and only Sisters son has made me ask with uncommon solicitude the solemn question am I prepared myself to die? In the eye of faith to fixed on Him who alone can save as to leave no doubt of his promises salvation.

Have great opportunities of late of making this inquiry having had not for 12 nights taken all my rest in a chair, and been awake for hours and hours when all others are enjoying sleep. May God enable me to improve these solemn seasons to my eternal benefit.

I can not now tell you the story of my sufferings for that would increase them. I leave them all to sympathize with you and your honoured Parents in this heavy bereavement. May God sanctify it to you all is the prayer of your loving uncle Philander

P.S. in the morning after breakfast-- My dear Wife after reading what I wrote last night says -- You ought not to leave your dear Sister in doubt about the cause and probably effect of your present illness. Tell her something more about it-- and how much better you you slept after having been bled - and how sincerely I sympathize with her.

I have had another upturn of my carriage and another Broken Rib -- and hence, suffered much but am now better. The first time of bleeding was well but the 2d (last night) was better. I slept some on the bed and am in hopes it will pass off favourably.

As our number of old friends diminish our affection increases for what is left increases. Let this be so till we all meet in Heaven. I write this to you all and as ever am your loving Brother

Philander Chase

Letter to his niece Rachel Denison and his sister Rachel Denison



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