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Philander Chase writes to his granddaughter Mary Olivia about all the visitors at Jubilee and about the financial situation at Kenyon College.




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Jubilee 6th of Decr 1848

My dear Grand Daughter Mary O.

Miss Belle Skinner and Agnis Ingraham are with us. Neither of them seems in good health, and our accommodations for invalids are but poor. I am [once] the winter commences I feel its chilling effects more than ever. I “made out” (as they term it) to get to church last sunday (the first in ad[?]_ & to preach one sermon, (I wish it were better) for the Missionary fund. Our collection was $20. Dudley’s (the same day) was nearly half that sum. Other auxiliaries to our Missionary station here in Peoria Co, I hope will swell the magnitude of our little offering so as to more than equal the average of our American Church.

The Rev Dr Totten (late President of Trinity College Hartford Connec’t) has been here preaching in our Churches and doing much good for several weeks past. He has now gone to Chicago to supple the Rev Mr. Kellogg’s place in St. James Chh while the later gentleman goes to New Orleans to beg for the finnishing[sic] of the Chh at Metamora where he intends to live.

While here (having examined minutely into the state of all our affairs) he wrote a letter to a friend in Hartford Conn’t giving his judgment on the premises: and this letter he sent to his friend reserving a copy to be printed here at the Jubilee College Press. The proof sheet will be ready for correction I trust this day. But I may not be able to send you a fair impression by tomorrows mail & if not I will address you one by Friday’s mail.

I know this will give you and your dear Parents inexpressible delight, by creating a kind of Sunshine around you & path so much needed in these Gloomy Days made by the Fog which hangs over the South Section at Gambier

By the by. Have you read the “Few Plain Questions answered”? The people of Cincinnati want more of this little pamphlet that all may see (what they never saw before) the Truth of Matters & things at Gambier

I wish my edition had been larger that all in Ohio might see clearly what is their duty viz to bring back the Theological Seminary to its original intent. They must do so or all will go to the winds. I am encouraged to go on with the Visitation by all who have written to me on the subject. If I live I hope to see the good of Jerusalem established in righteousness and built up by the Truth

Your Relatives are all well. We think of you, and talk of you and pray for you: and dear Mr & Mrs Morse. How are they all in Steubenville? Pray write soon to your loving grand Father.

Philander Chase

Letter to Mary Olivia Chase



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