Philander Chase



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Philander Chase tells his sister Rachel that everyone in Illinois is healthy and that he is expecting a visit from the Saffords.




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Jubilee College

Nov 7. 1848

My dear Sister Rachel;

I believe both your self and your dear Daughter are in my debt in the way of letter writing: but this is no matter; my love for you both and my sympathy in your late affliction make every thing right on that score.

I was quite rejoiced to see Addison Smith’s daughter Lucia yesterday when I called into to see Samuel and his family, She and Lucia Safford had just arrived from Shelbyville. Lucia Smith has a [cast] of the aye similar to your Daughter Rachel and I liked her on that acct. She will stay with us but for a few days & them return to Shelbyville and Mrs Safford will I trust join her husband, who I trust will be soon here.

I had advised Mr Safford to go to the Fox River where there are several parishes much in want of his services. But I have not yet heard what effect this advice may have had on the people of Rock Island. Perhaps it may have rouse them to a due sense of their true interest which is to keep Mr S. at that place. I expect to hear shortly from him if not by letter by his arrival at this place.

Mrs Russell our dear Niece is quite well. We never fail to mention you and all the dear remaining friends in Vermont every time we meet. Her attention is absorbed in the care of her dear grand Children. The youngest Horrace Russell is a sweet and very fine child - the most promising of the whole flock. Philander as yet has but one child. He mourned sincerely the loss of his dear infant Boy: May God be gracious to him and give him another son soon! The next in order on the College Hill is Dudley’s family. His children are two in number. Alexander & Olivea Fay both uncommonly sprightly and interesting to us all.

Go with me now across the fine meadow & the meandering stream of the east fork of the Kikapoo[sic] River to the Robins Nest distant a little more than a mile. There is the building in all its glory though the waste of rolling years has evidently made inroads on the bottom logs. It now literally answers to it significant name built of mud and sticks and full of young ones. These are Dudley, Francis and Mary surpassed by none in Illinois. They are under good government and bid fair to do well.

As the old Robinsnest decays Henry has provided another into which they will move before Christmas.

Mary is in Peoria with her husband the Rev’d Mr Chamberlain. She also has a fine boy named after his Father Sheril a queer name for so fine a child.

And now what shall I saw of my Dear Wife -- and my poor self? Both going the down-hill of life together rejoicing in the prospect of a world beyond the grave. Our only hope is in Jesus Christ who died for our sins & rose again for our justification.

The Rev Dr Totten late president of Trinity College Hartford Connecticut is now with us. We all want him to stay here and be our Professor in Divinity in Jubilee College but our means to maintain him fail. All mine are now nearly exhausted and none will help me. In this respect I might be relieved if I would listen to the Ohio Trustees by agreeing to their project of selling the South section to pay their debts. They pray me to consent and offer to give back donations to Kenyon College with interest amounting to several thousand Dollars if I will join them in this work of destroying that noble institution. But I have refused their offer: and hope in God for some other way than that of wickedness to get through this naughty world.

My paper is out -- and I have room only to say I am your loving brother


Letter to Rachel Denison



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