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Mary Chamberlain's health has worsened after the birth of her son.




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Saturday night

Feb 8th 1848

My dear Laura

I believe I have not written to you since our dear Mary Mrs Chamberlain was taken sick. She has a fine boy now nearly a fortnight old & yet she is very ill. We all feel for her when her distressing turns of pain are upon her

To day a week ago I had accompanied her husband, the Rev Mr Chamberlain, to Peoria to administer the Supper of the Lord to his interesting flock in that city. Just as we were on Sunday morning going to Divine Service, Philander came riding into town on horseback with a note from Mrs Chase saying that Mary was so ill as to require the immediate attention of a Physician & also that of her Husband. Of course he went back on the horse which P. had ridden and I staid to minister alone in sacred things. The Congregation was very full and attentive. We all joined in very sincerely in the Collect for a sick member of the Chh and a goodly number partook of the Holy Communion. After Service I came immediately home and found Mary somewhat relieved by the skill of her excellent Physician. But she can hardly be said to be in a convalescent state yet.

It is impossible in this country to get a good nurse; consequently my dear Wife is obliged to be constantly at the bed side of her daughter. The child is healthy and would be quiet if the poor fellow had a well-- Mother’s breast to soothe him and give him strength.

My own sympathies are all alive on the subject about which I am so nervous on acct of Mary that I fear my letters too are poor and disconnected to give satisfaction.

All the rest on the Hill are well. We often think of you and as often offer up our prayers for your welfare & that of your lovely family.

The condition of the world is portentous of great approaching evils. Let us be more in earnest in our Godly petitions for peace in our time. Yea speedily for Christ’s sake. Your loving Gr’d Father Ph’r Chase

Letter to Laura Chase



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