Philander Chase



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Philander Chase announces the birth of Mary Chamberlain's son to his sister Rachel. He visits an elderly woman and prays with her.




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Jubilee College Jan 25 1848

My dear Sister Rachel:

You will doubless[sic] rejoice with us that our dear Mary Mrs Chamberlain, has become a Mother of a fine Boy. Tomorrow he will be a week old and indeed appears to bid fair to be an ornament to his Relatives. God grant he may a child of grace.

His dear Mother I am sorry to say, is not so well as we could wish but under the care of an excellent Physician and with the blessing of our Heavenly Father I hope to see her if not soon yet effectually & permanently resorted to health[.] Her mother and all friends are very assiduous

Yesterday Lucia rode with me to see an aged and infirm lady and pious communicant of our Church. She is not so old as I am, yet is giving way evidently with the weakness of old age. She seldom finds strength to rise and has not walked for some months. Her mind however is strong and her faith firmly fixed on God Her Saviour Jesus Christ. I prayed with her; and her trembling hand grasping mine as I rose up from her bedside assured me that she had joined in spirit and truth with the addresses made to the throne of Grace.

To day my Son Henry took me to see Steam Engine perform its first revolutions in driving our Gristmill. We have had much trouble and expense with this affair meant for the maintenance of two of our College professors. Our Shaft not being in proportion the weight and great extent of the diameter of the Balance wheel broke --- and --- and --- we had to get a New One much larger and better mounted. This is accomplished and I have seen it doing wonders this blessed day. The whole forms a magnificent Scene and in view of the great good it will be to our Institution of Religion and Learning it calls forth our grateful emotions for the past and hopes for future good

I hope you like my Motto 2d N˚ If it promote peace among ourselves I shall have reason to rejoice

Ever your loving Brother


Letter to Rachel Denison



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