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Philander Chase wishes his granddaughter a happy new year and announces a new publication he has printed.




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January 1st 1848

Happy New Year to you, my dear Grand Daughter,

Mary Olivea Chase

I thank you for the very kind and dutiful letter dated the 18th of December.

I rejoice to hear hear[sic] your Mother has recovered her usual health.

As soon as the first of the coming summer we shall expect a visit from her and you mind you have promised us this great pleasure.

This is the first of my writing this year -- the exact time in the day is just as the sun rises. I feel refreshed by sweet sleep and cheered by the grace of God through Jesus Christ with the sure and certain hope of the Resurrection unto eternal life from the sleep (it will not be long) of the grave at the last day on earth and the New Year of Eternity.

Whether I shall be then placed “on the right hand or the left” the Great Judge only knoweth. This truth humbles me in the dust & makes me ever sedulous to keep under my body & bring it into subjection lest after having preached to others I myself should be a castaway.

We are all well: Have had out birth day and Christmas Dinners in Christian love and I hope with spiritual edification.

Next comes our 2’d N˚ of the Motto. This is about half thro’ the Jubilee press and I think will please you.

It leaves the old tract of our Religious, (may I not say irreligious) news papers and speaks of things which make for peace, telleth the wonders which God hath done and is doing for his Church in the west and especially now in Illinois.

You will get the book in about 10 days after having rec’d this.

Dudley has good news about the Rem’s though more delay attends the accomplishment of his designs than was expected. Love to your dear Parents and Aunt Ann: & uncle Frank and believe me always your loving Grand Father Philander Chase

Letter to Mary Olivia Chase



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