Philander Chase



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Philander Chase reflects on his and his sister Rachel's mortality as they grow old.




Philander Chase, Rachel Denison, Mary Chase, Sophia Chase, Jubilee College


AD. 1847

Jubilee College Dc’r 8th

My dear Sister Rachel;

You and I are the only remnant branches of that once wide and spreading tree of our Fathers Family. Twelve out of fourteen, who lived to manhood, have been cut away by the hand of Time. -- the Parent stock having fallen with the rest.

I feel this now, more than ever: and the scenes which passed while we were together seem now to rise to my view with a colouring of real life more vivid in proportion to their distance from the events which are now exciting.

This is human life; how frail & evanescent! How unlike to Eternity whither we are hastening! If it were not for the latter what madness to think the former a blessing! On the Wise goodness of the Creator is founded our belief of another & better World

But who can reveal unto us this wisdom and goodness of the Creator? Yea who can tell us there is a creator but he himself? Can the earth discover her beauties but by the light of the sun? Even so the Sun of righteousness alone can display the Rainbow of peace & hope to our enraptured moral sight. To Him therefore let us look and be saved from despair. He “has brought light and immortality to light through the Gospel” -- All that prompts the wish to live my life over again is that I might preach that Gospel with more clearness and zeal than I have done - But God can raise up others more adapted to this holy & benevolent work than I am or ever have been. To Him therefore let the faithful look in these days of the Churches last extremity for salvation.

Our journey from the East home was safe, and as speedy as by feeble frame would atmit[sic]. We called at Steubenville and found our loved Relative well. Your beloved Intrepid has grown old and grey in well doing. We talked much of you and other dear ones in Vermont.

At Cinnati[sic] we found our esteemed nephew had gone to Columbus to attend on the duties of his profession. A more talented man there is not in Ohio.

Dear Samuel & his family has arrived at Jubilee a week or ten days before us and set all things in good order relating to the College. Henry, my beloved son, had managed the secular affairs to my wish. He is now gone to St. Louis on business of great importance. Dudley has gone off on a mission to seek and to save the Lambs of Christ in the, as yet, unexplored regions in my extensive Diocese. My own health is not so good as when I came home. A bad cold has added to the chronic complaint of a heart sinking [Cataraks[sic]] so that I am not able to attend Church during cold weather.

My dear Wife is well and sends her kind regards. My own please to present to your good husband and much beloved Rachel and sons.

Our good Daughter Mary now Mrs Chamberlain’s and the object your tender solicitude begs to be remembered to all her esteemed Relatives in Royalton & Bethel & especially to her Cousin Rachel

Ever your loving Brother Philander

Letter to Rachel Denison



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