Philander Chase



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Philander Chase congratulates his granddaughter Laura on the birth of her son.




Philander Chase, Laura Chase, General Convention, Hartford, Connecticut, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, birth


New York 29 of Oc. 1847

Dear Laura;

I join with you in giving most heartfelt thanks to the Good God for preserving you in and thro’ the great pains & perils of becoming the Mother of another living soul capable of enjoying thro’ the Great Redeemer’s merits eternal life.

When God condescends to create it becometh us to attend and adore his Almighty power -- but when to his creation He adds that of an Immortality of being an awful solemnity is created in the bosom of every reflecting person which can not easily be described. In this light I view the good news you tell me of the birth of a Son; and thus impressed I think of the many and important duties which the same Almighty being hath laid on you as a Mother. Never seek to shake these duties off from yourself -- and never shrink from the performance of them in the fear of the Lord and as you will have to give an acct at the Great day. Be a Mother indeed to your offspring by seeking their best interests that of their immortal souls. Seek aid from above in the discharge of this great duty. Look to the Rock of Ages for the refreshing waters to quench your thirst for immortality & refresh refresh your weary soul. Pray for the Spirit of God to guide you. Search the Scriptures for they contain the treasures of eternal life.

Dear Laura

I have been called off by much company

The Gen’l Convention has just closed in great harmony: and I am preparing to go to Hartford Connec’t to consecrate Dr. Burgess Bp. Elect for the Diocese of Maine next Sunday 31th[sic] of Oct. We shall probably stay there on monday and return here by Hudson & Kingston on the North River so that we shall be on our way from N York to Phila in the later end of the week. From Phi’a we go across in the canal to Pittsburg[sic] and thence to Jubilee.

The Lateness of the season is a forbidding feature in this picture of troubles: but God may smile on us and grant us the genial influence of Sunny days & mild skies. I shall trust entirely to his goodness

Give my love to Eliza and her good husband & sweet children; and your dear Mr Smith and your lovely little Girl say there is one that loves you all and that one is now and ever

Your aged but most affectionate Grand Father

Philander Chase

Don’t forget to mention me most respectfully to your hon’d Mother

Letter to Laura Chase



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