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Deposit of £25 for the tuition of James George by Thomas Holme




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Earl Cowton, Catterick Y.K.S.

Aug’t. 26. 1847

Dear Sir

Inclosed I send you a Cheque for £25 for Bishop Chase on J. George’s acc’t. The sum due to the good Bishop is 151 Dol. 86 Cents which I fancy will be about £30. In this case what I send you in addition to Mr. Harrison’s paid donation of £5 will meet the call. At all events I am not able to send a large sum at present as my funds are exhausted within a few shillings which I have in [N] Savings Bank. I [?] I fear, the next year will find me still less prepared I will do what I can. It is possible that some other kind friends may in the inter[?] be raised up as on previous occasions to make up what is wanting.

It is very gratifying to find that the dear Boy in whom we have interested ourselves appears to be growing in grace as he grows in years & that he enjoys the esteem of his revered patron.

I am, dear Sir,

Yours faithfully

T. Holme

Deposit of £25 for the tuition of James George



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