Philander Chase



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A new assistant bishop, J.B. Britton, has been appointed in Illinois.




Philander Chase, Mary Olivia Chase, J.B. Britton, Illinois, Convention, Chillicothe, Alton, sheep, wool, teamsters


Jubilee College June 24 47

late at night

Dear Mary O.

I was delighted to read, as I came home from the Con’v your good letter of June the 8-- Mine to you having crossed on the way gave you to understand I reciprocate your tenderness of mutual regard.

I think the Divine goodness for preserving you from the dangers of Rivers and bring[sic] you once more to see your loved parents. Pray give my love to them both. It is to their prayers, thro’ faith in the Lord Jesus that so many blessings have come on me and Jubilee College of late: especially that we have now an assistant Bishop in the Rev J.B. Britton of Chillicothe. Some holy persons must having been offering up holy prayers thro’ faith in Jesus Christ -- while our Convention was sitting in Alton, or so great harmony would not have prevailed. All other things also went on well, as you’ll see by the Journal which will be soon printed at our Jubilee College Press & sent to you.

I can write no more now except to give you the blessings of your loving G’d Father P. Chase

Letter to Mary Olivia Chase



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