Philander Chase



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Philander Chase explains his plan to mitigate the damage done to his reputation by a pamphlet circulated by Dr. Seabury.




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Jubilee College Apl 22 47

My dear Sister Rachel

I believe you are in my debt for a letter or two: but I don’t mind this. At our time of life, accounts of this kind ought to be disregarded that we may attend to more weighty matters.

You have, doubtless been informed of the late efforts made by Enemies to ruin our Jubilee College and with it myself and family. The Main design I believe was to keep me in a kind of grave which they have ever seen the trial of B.T.O. -- been digging for me, that I might not stand in their way when trying to foist him again into the Episcopal chair of New York. This main design the Editor of the Churchman seemed willing to accomplish by any means that might fall in his way. To this end he seized hold of the occasion of the troubles growing out of the case of the Rev Wm F Walker of Chicago -- a person who for his ill conduct no one esteemed.

By these two gentlemen a pamphlet was got up & published anonymously in Ann Street New York, and then circulated throughout the world as widely as possible. While this was going on Dr Seabury attacks me in his Churchman and last of all reviews publicly adopts the sentiments & facts of the Ann street Pamphlet.

It was not my first design that any thing should appear on my part as a reply. The facts stated were all so without any foundation and so completely disproved by my having obtained a Charter that silence was thought to be the best reply.

But my friends thought otherwise and Samuel agreed to come forward as my Advocate; in his little boog called “Malignity Exposed.” This has been sent you and some other of my friends in Bethel & Royalton -- After having read it you will of course give me your opinion.

A new Editor of Saml’s Book may be expected to issue from N. York a copy of which will be sent to all Dr Seabury’s Subscribers subscribers[sic] and those to whom he has most probably sent his Ann Street pamphlet; or his notes and comments on this extraordinary production.

Now Dear Sister; I have little doubt of your sympathy with me in these singularly sharp sufferings. But you have one comfort to support you in your bewailings of my hard lot -- and that is that God is on my side & puts his mighty arm under me whenever I am like to sink in the raking waters. As it was in England as it was in Ohio -- even so now by leaning on Him I feel secure: More than this great good will be made to result from the Evils which I suffer. Jubilee College will be built up more and more as the Enemies strive to pull it down. So that I have reason, in the exercise of a truth faith in God’s righteous government, to rejoice at my present sufferings

I wish I had time to tell you [?] much I think you and your good Husband and Dear Rachel and excellent Dudley: but I must conclude and go to break fast

Mary Olivea Chase my Dear Grand Daughter with her Aunt Ann Wells is here and making us all happy.

My own Mary you know is married to the Rev. J.S. Chamberlain. He visits Tremont. My Blessed Wife though constantly at work is still sustained to be the greatest earthy[sic] comfort [?], Dearest Sis Rachel,

Your own & only Brother

Philander Chase

Letter to Rachel Denison



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