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Thomas Holme gratefully receives a donation for James George's scholarship, but is still short on funds.




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E. Cowton

Catterick March 31. 1847

Dear Sir

Accept my best thanks for your kind letter on Bishop Chase’s acc’t. Mr Harrison’s contribution of £5 towards James George’s education will be thankfully received, as the Balance at present in my hands is inadequate to meet the Bill sent in. I have now a Balance of about ten pounds -- In addition to this I can calculate upon ten pounds more from subscriptions & donations promised -- Mr Harrison’s £5 is a seasonable addition & I hope that in the course of the summer I may meet with help from the other friends which will cover the deficiency. In the mean time Mr Harrison’s £5 had better remain in your hands, till I remit to you such a sum as I shall be able to raise.

I wrote to good Bishop cHase the beginning of the month stating to him the lowness of my funds & expressing a fear lest I should have some difficulty in meeting the expenditure. I am encouraged however to hope from such unexpected Godsends that the cause is in better hands than mine -- and that the Lord will provide.

I am dear Sir

I trust with best of bonds yours faithfully

Th. Holme

Letter by Thomas Holme



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