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Reverend Britton deliberates on the distinctions between a "high" and "low" churchman.




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Chillicothe March 13th 1847

Right Rev’d & Dear Sit

I rec’d your letter this morning, & as so long a time has elapsed since it was mailed, I hasten to reply-- I have no wish to conceal my religious faith or opinions, & therefore although ignorant of your motive in asking them, do not hesitate to reply to you “in a free & confidential manner.”

You are right in supposing that I think as you do on many important matters, & although had I been on the scene of action, when you separated from your diocese of Ohio, I should have been puzzled to know how to act, yet it has always been a source of regret to me, that we lost you as Diocesan & I think I should have prefered[sic] to trust your veto power. But to your questions-- 1. In common parlance are you a high or low churchman? If by a high churchman, is meant one, who holds the views of Bp Doane, in his charge [?] to the body of Christ, or those of Bp Whittingham in the late trial of Mr Trapnell, then I am a low churchman, but if by a high C--- is meant, one, who believes in Church authority as of [?] obligation, when lawfully exercised & therefore regard the rubrics & canons as suspending my right of private judgment then I am high. I feel as one under authority, & acknowledge the law of the family, & the state as well as that of the Church, as of God. I do not however strain rubrics & canons & customs in order to apply them where liberty was not designed to be abridged, & I agree, if I mistake not with language of your own “that clerical garments ought not to be defiled by being worn in barns & school houses.”

2. In regard to the Carey ordination, I have agreed with Dr Tyng, & hold to the right of a candidate to receive orders, after he has complied with all the canonical requirement, but I think sentiments should have arrested him sooner, & that expediency would have been properly consulted by the delay of Bp O-- & I admire the spirit of Dr’s Anthon & Smith.

3. As to Apostolic succession, I hold it as a fact & designed by the Saviour, to secure the purity of the faith, & the unity of the Church, not as directly hearing on the gift of the spirit, & acceptance before God in individual cases-- I therefore hold that Presbyterians & Methodists are baptised & therefore members of the Visible Church, & if true believers, part of the [Epl] body. “the blessed company of All faithful people,” but their ministry & judicatures, I see no authority for. As to justification by faith, I hold the views of the “Judicious Worker,” & regard St James as teaching justification by works only as they are essential evidences of a true faith, but I dislike too close an adherence to system, & love to direct work of God, & to let them have their full force, without tying them too closely to a body of Divinity” -- Baptism I hold as regeneration, in the sense of placing every one in a new relation to God, but I hold also that every being who has sinned must be morally changed by the [?] of God, as well as ecclesiastically born of the spirit, by being made a member of Church that is, of his Church visible -- Sacraments I hold to be means of grace, only to those who rightly use them -- In regard to “Priest Altar & Sacrifice” I agree with Bp White-- & in a word -- I hold myself as, a high or low churchman, according to the latitude of Maryland or Virginia -- I send you a copy of my sermon, & wishing you good days & many of them & praying for the Lord’s presence & blessing to be vouchsafed You remain, Your Son in Christ, J.B. Britton

Letter to Philander Chase



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