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Philander Chase recalls his refusal of money from Lord Kenyon.




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To Messrs Lands; & Fuller. & Co

Jubilee College Mar 10th 1847

My dear Sir:

My good friend Lord Kenyon some time last may or June sent me through Mr. Hodgson of Liverpool Eng’d and your banking house in N York £100 for the benefit of Jubilee College. From some expressions in his Lordship’s letter I was led to the conclusion that there was a mistake; and accordingly addressed you or Mr. Joshua Sand, a note accompanying the return to you the certificate of the Deposit of the said money in the merchant’s bank. I said on the back of the s’d Certificate “Pay to the order of Lord Kenyon. Philander Chase”

Of this I gave his Lordship due notice in a most grateful letter dated on the same day the 12 of June 1846 on which I wrote to you or Mr Joshua Sands.

In reply his Lordship assured me there was no mistake and that I had better recall my refusal to receive the money and that he should direct Mr. Hodgson of Liverpool to insist on my receiving it.

After this I wrote a note recalling my refusal to take the money and from some memoranda taken while I was ill lately discovered have reason to think that I misdirected my letters.

Thus the matter stands: & you will not be surprised when I tell you that I wrote this letter under feelings of great regret that I have given much trouble to all concerned, and most sincerely desire to be forgiven.

How to remedy this matter I know not except by your wonted kindness.

If you retain the Certificate of deposit be pleased to erase my order to pay to the money to Lord Kenyon and say “pay to the Order of the Cashier of the North River Bank New York and keep this letter for your authority for so doing and take their receipt.

If the certificate has gone into other hands I pray you have the goodness to take measures to have the same recalled as I assure you it is his Lordship’s express command that I receive it.

Have the goodness to write to me as soon as may suit your convenience.

For forwarding to me His Lordships letter Post mark the 23 of Feb I am truly thankful

Believe me Gentlemen

Your faithful Ser’t

& Sincere Friend

Philander Chase

Letter to Lands, Fuller, and Co.



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