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Philander Chase tells his niece Rachel Denison of his connection with her mother, Chase's sister, Rachel. He also updates her on the weather and the plans for the print shop.




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To Miss Rachel Denison

Jubilee College

Sep’r 17 1846

Dear Neice[sic]

Your letter, which was and is one of the best in the world, went the rounds in our circle of your loving friends on Jubilee Hill; and when I heard from it last, it was in the hands of your cousin Mary, who, it was said, intended answering it. This she said, no doubt, because of my known infirmity and consequent aversion to writing letters.

But I am better now: and with my health return all my feelings of tenderness towards those whom I have ever been accustomed to love, and withal a great desire to tell them how dear they are to me.

All my brethren and Sisters are now gone except Simeon and Rachel your mother. I feel my loneliness, in this respect, more than I can express; and I should feel it more than I do, were it not for you, Dear Rachel; who thro’ your filial kindness to your mother and unboundedness goodness towards me, your aged & unworthy uncle, have consented to be the medium of correspence[sic] between us.

Your mother is two years older than I am but we have walked so near together for so long a period, that we seem coaeval and contemporanious[sic] in all our pains and enjoyments: and it is highly probable that we may be permitted, through mercy to go hand and hand into a better world together. When I have fixed my mind on a subject like this, I can not let it go till I have by faith brought it more & more home in my heart. Why may I not hope, in the exercise of a true faith in our redemption by Jesus Christ, that as your mother and when children have sung together the songs of Zion when no one heard us but God--even so as children on God by faith we may be permitted to enter his heavenly Kingdom praising Him together? I know that a difference of a few days or months or years will be as nothing in comparison of the Eternity of joys which will follow; yet such is my frailty I can not but hope we shall be allowed to sing simultaneously the song of redeeming love together. Do ask her how she feels on such a subject.

And now Dear Rachel, my beloved niece; how shall I pass from a theme like this to others which regard this world only? I know not but by saying what is so true that the consideration of Eternity makes all things holy: Not only his Word but his world becomes sacred when used to his glory. So that were I to speak to you of the Prosperity of Jubilee; and of the beauty of the scenery around this loved Institution (the object of so many prayers) I should but add to the countless links which bind us the the Author of all goodness

We have had a long course of very warm weather which acting on the products of our rich & fertile soil has greatly multiplied cases of sickness incident to our Western country: Yet [we] have great reason to be thankful that few deaths have occured[sic]: perhaps much less than by other diseases occur in the same time and among the same number of inhabitants in Vermont. This fact which I believe to be true may serve as an apology for the fast increasing population of the west.

You will be glad to hear that the goodness of God in raising us up friends in Old England; our Jubilee is not only kept out of debt but is likely to be endowed with a printing press and type. In consequence of this promise I am now trying to lay the foundation of a building for a Printing office. If any thing prevent our going on with it this fall it will be the want of Workmen & labourers

Dudley and his wife and two lovely Children are in Steubenville Ohio. Of Henry you have heard all things relating to him & his. Philander has a son now the third of his name. Mrs Russell is indisposed but her complaint is not serious and already has yielded to medicine. Sarah Samuel is a Mother in Israel Four daughters and a son have fallen to her lot But of all this you and are doubtless well informed by Henry & Mary’s letter

I have told you that I am better in health; yet still I am a cripple and can not expect to enjoy the pleasures of an active life

Pray remember me to your good Father & dear Brothers and don’t forget me when writing to your Sister Alice and believe ever

Your most affectionate Uncle

Philander Chase

Letter to Rachel Denison



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