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Philander Chase explains his plans to build a print shop to publish an Episcopal Journal in Illinois.




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Copy to Lord Kenyon

Jubilee College Sept 8 46

Very D’r L’d Kenyon

I need not tell you, were I able to describe how deeply I am penetrated with grateful emotions at the reservation of yr Lordships kind letter of the 17 of July

My D’r Wife who sympathizes with me in all my joys as well as sufferings, joins me in rendering most heartfelt thanks to almighty God for this instance of His bounty, thro’ one so “greatly beloved as your Lordship. Blessed of the Lord must he be, who, in like circumstances hath grace to manifest his faith as you do in this instance.

I have already as your Lord’h requested “countermanded my order” to Prime, ward & King of N York & directed them to pay the avails of yr Lordps gift to me of £100 to the North River Bank N York to my Credit.

What gives a peculiar value to your Lordship’s bounty is the delightful consideration that others in “dear Old Engd seem simultaneously to favour our great work of Jubilee College in like manner, so that while other Institutions are going down this of God’s founding by my feeble and unworthy hands, thro’ [any] bounty is looking up and prospering.

For the want of a Periodical for Illinois to express our own wants & tel our own story in our own way, I had expressed to some one of my friends in yr Ls favoured land my great desire of a printing press and types. This they have attempted to procure or give me the means of procuring in this country: and so near have they come to the accomplishment of their promise that I have thought proper to commence building an office within a few stones throw of my door. Its dimentions[sic] on the ground according to the plan brought to me yesterday are 36 by 36 feet--to be built of brick of which article we have now 100,000 put up in a kiln ready to burn within one hundred yards of the site chosen for the Printing office.

From a small monthly publication filled chiefly with statistics and exhortations to pious duties and the spreading of the truths of the Protestant Church we hope (crescens eundo) to be able to print chiefly of religion and morals--perhaps some of natural science especially such as relates to the Phenomina[sic] of the great Western world of America.

Some I ask why hath the Good Good saved me through so many imminent dangers to live and see more than three score years and ten? My mind hath answered-- & while a thrill hath pierced my very soul. “Perhaps it was that the same infinitely Holy Being who put it in my heart to conceive the great plan of Jubilee College might be glorified in seeing me by his grace, unworthy as I am, carry it to some degree of perfection before I die. His will be done by taking me now to himself, or by protracting my life painful as it is to such a period.

We have had a very hot summer. Never was there a period of such uninterrupted very warm weather ever experienced in America. Of the sad effects of this the Diocese of Illinois has experienced its full share and yet God be praised the summer has had fewer deaths to record than usual--altho the sickness has been general. The diseases incident to the country have been of a milder type & readily yielded to well-known remedies.

From the first of Augt it has been Vacation in Jubilee College--but my own duties have forced me from home, though in a crippled state & often labouring under a fever. How happy I am now once more seated at my own table & writing to my noblest and best of friends I can not readily express.

I wish I had room to speak of many other things most interesting to us: but my paper is exhausted.

I can not close without expressing my deep feeling in behalf of the Prot. Church of Eng’d. All I can now say is that she lives in my prayers that God w’d save her from Popery

Do your Sons, Lloyds & Edward remember one who so ardently loves their Noble Father

Philander Chase Sen. Bp.

Letter to Lord Kenyon



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