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Philander Chase clears up the misunderstanding over his returning the money donated to him by Lord Kenyon.




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Jubilee College. June 11th 1846.

My very dear Lord Kenyon,

It is an entire mistake: I could not have meant “by the style of my last letter” or any other letter in which I have poured out my soul to one so dear as your Lordship. I could never have meant “by its earnestness” to persuade you to order an hundred Pounds to be paid me” which under the circumstances which your Lordship so feelingly describes you say “you cannot conveniently spare.”

Unworthy as I am of the favour of your Lordships friendship I must have been degraded in the minds of all worthy Englishmen by such a construction of my expressions and lest such a sentiment should be imputed to me I have already endorsed the certificate of deposite (made by Joseph Sands in the Merchants Bank of New York) simply stating that the reason of the return of the money is that your Lordship sent to to me under a mistake which can be rectified only by its immediate return of which circumstance I shall desire him to advise Mr Adam Hodgson of Liverpool as soon as may suit his convenience.

And now my very dear Lord Kenyon we are once more ourselves again! I can love you & you I trust can have no cause to disrespect me. We can mingle our thoughts and hearts and prayers together as we did over the grave and tomb of the loved “Jones of Nayland.” O my Lord! never shall I forget the love and friendship we there pledged to each other sealing all in receiving together the Lords Supper at the very table where that learned and faithful servant of the Lord Jesus so long minestered[sic].

Most heartily do I agree with your Lordships sentiment respecting the present state of the Christian world. “Mans hearts failing them for fear” But Christians who trust in God in his power and wisdom and goodness have cause to “rejoice for their redemption draweth nigh.”

For one I feel more forcibly the duty of “continuing faithful unto the end” than ever.’’ My crippled state of body seems to add rigor to my moral powers and through grace given unto me in Jesus Christ I look forward with a degree of exultation at the thoughts of future blessedness. There my Lord and best of Friends I trust to meet you and all like you in holy faith and patient suffering.

I am

Your Lordship’s most

faithful & grateful

Friend & Ser’t

Philan’r Chase

Letter to Lord Kenyon



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