Lord Kenyon



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Lord Kenyon resolves the pecuniary dispute with Philander Chase.




Philander Chase, Lord Kenyon, Adam Hodgson, England, penal colonies, Gredington, money, finances


[Portman] [Eq’r]

July 17


My dearest Bishop

Your kind Letter dated 11 June is arrived this morn’g. Nothing could be further from my mind or feelings than that [you] could have meant to urge me unreasonably to afford [you] pecuniary assistance tow. your pious work. I could [or] [so] recount that of receiving back the £100 which is recorded in my Account Book as one of my Acts of restoring to the service of the Giver of all good a small portion of his [bountiful] faith to unworthy me, & I must beg you therefore to [?] your orders [for] [its] [?] to good Adam Hodgson or I shall have to desire him to remit it to you, what with [?] Church [?] demands. London, [?] [?] you have no notion how my Bankers Books are noted--for myself I soon can see more than I must desire conform from seeing--but as I keep parts of 4 families including my children & myself my means are far less than they were when I accompanied you to the hallowed tomb of my [Venerated] friend at Nayland. [Are] of his [Jr] [?] [this] [poor] [thing] made a sad match with an unworthy Clergyman in consequence of wh [we] went into banishment with him to [any] of our penal colony. Alas for such an end to the Life of the child of such a Martyr for the Truth as he was. You will feel for Old England in our present state of alarm for our venerable Church under a [?] govt but I have a better opinion of Ld John russell than I have had for some [?] of Sir Robt [Peel]. for all heartily rejoice at the [conclusion] of the [Cresson] dispute quite honourably we trust to both parties, & we should not have wished it [should] otherwise. I am now less alone for a few days when I hope to rejoice my precious Lloyd & his wife & 9 children at Gredington. My [Marianne] & [?] Best are gone to Cheltenham for his health but I hope will soon join me at Gredn. Begging every kind wish to Mrs Chase Believe me your most affect’ly & devoutly your grateful friend Kenyon

Letter to Philander Chase



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