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Philander Chase asks his niece for forgiveness regarding his lackluster letters to her compared to those sent to her mother Rachel. He updates her on the goings-on of Jubilee, including the spring farming.




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To Miss Rachel Denison

Jubilee College Sunday Evening

April 3 1846

My Very dear Niece;

By a reperusal of your very good letter accompanying that of your excellent Mother I fear I have incurred your censure for not answering your good communications giving me, so acceptably, the minute account of what took place at the Decease of those whom I so much loved your uncle Dudley and in estimable Wife: I feel reproved at the thought of having seemed to be ungrateful to you and want once more to be reconciled to you. To which I can devise no way to certain as to sit down at once and address you: as I have done your mother, now my only Sister. And this I will do I hope with more method than is displayed in my letter to her. The truth is when I write to her I am always “in a passion” of brotherly kindness--my whole [mural] frame is agitated with a deep sense of long since formed and long cherished affection; and in giving my sentiments utterance touching any thing wherein her happiness is involved I fail of my end for want of coolness in the choice of my words and prudence in their arrangement. I believe I have now told you the truth tho’ I am ashamed of the clumsy manner of doing it. Thus one [?] is filled to little purpose

And now in return for your kindness in telling me in yr best manner of all “particulars” of the sad scenes lately passed in the death and burial of those mentioned; of your fathers Brother and of good brother Bybe Lake Cotton-- all of which I’ll cherish as mementos of my own fast hastening to the world of spirits [wwwhat] shall I say to reward you as I ought? Must I preach a Sermon to you? Dear Rachel I have done this today in the College Chapel in my poor way till my mind wants relaxation like a bow that has been too long bent: and this more especially do I feel to be true because my sermon was not written beforehand. It was on the Communion of the Lords supper. The text was “behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world” Jho 1.29. You may be surprised that I fall into this loose habit in my Old age. “Why” (youll ask) do I not have recourse to my written discourses? Ans’r Because I don’t like them. They are too cold for one who is just about entering into the presence of his Judge where he must give an acct of all the opportunities neglected to make men hate sin and love holiness, and especially to bring them to Christ whose blood alone [cleaneth] from all sin. There is another reason why I never follow the old past--and that is because there is an Old Enemy in a New shape broken into th Lords Vineyard. He is tearing up the plants long since in full bearing and must be opposed on the spot with weapons peculiarly adapted to his willingness and strength or the whole will be laid waste. To conquer such an Enemy my old weapons are [not] able to pierce his [finny] sides. They need sharpening on the spot and the aid of God to drive them home. But this is sermonizing about the mode making a sermon. A poor way of shortening my trouble of writing a letter. Now another page is gone I’ll begin anew

You must remember that our Congregation at Jubilee has swarmed four times of late and yet the old hive today was quite full. We had 47 communicants. The Rev S. Chase assisted me in the Service. Being bolstered up in the pulpit I preached. He dear man is not well being afflicted with Jobs complaint. Sarah his wife is getting well. The little Babe is with us here at the Cottage

Dudley came in this evening & says his congregation at Zion Brimfield 6 miles from us was well attended; and that the sunday school taught by Mr Child, and our Candidates for orders is increasing. It is now nearly 60 I have not heard of the 3 other parishes--but presume they were full as usual.

Now I know not how you may regard this acct of what God is doing for us--but to us who know how people (when we first came among them) were prejudiced against us, the whole is more than [?]. My family have come in for prayers so I stop

I had written this far last night. This morning monday I rose conscious of many blessings. The showers of last night had refreshed the whole face of nature. Green grass in the long extended meadow lands. The trees budding the garden full of Culinary vegetables. Peas in long rows nearly in blossom--onions fit for use. Heads of sallad enough for all our tables. Asparagus in abundance. And Pee[sic] plants for tarts to satisfy many. And what shall I say of what I saw issuing from the folds of Jubilee-- 12,00 sheep & 400 lambs. And when Henry came in he assured me of the great blessings which God is giving us in the success of our Mill-establishment; By these He is giving up literally our daily bread, yea bread without money & without price for all our large establishment.

Soon after this the mail came in bringing tell us from our friends in Old England filled with loving kindness

Monday evening. The day is closed in great serenity. Sarah’s sweet babe is still quite well. Sarah herself is recovering. Saml who has just left me is patient and I think no worst with his boils. The dear Scholars are content and doing well. There are between 40 and 50 of them and a more quiet well behaved school is not to be seen. Three of them were admitted as candidates for holy orders last week. One of whom was Mr Safford dear Jane (Childs) son. Oh how I wish that your bother Dudley had not thought himself above our poor Jubilee now the Queen of the west. Pray think of some other one truly pious whom you can persuade to come and study with us. We are by Gods blessing getting strong and soon will be able to help as many as shall offer of the right sort.

Dear Rachel Pray for us. God hath been with us from the beginning--and he still will continue to bless those who put their in Him. You know what has always been our motto Jehovah Jireh. This was manifest to us this day-- we were in great want of money to pay for wheat to render our mills of any avail to us. They must be kept running or they’ll prove a bill of expense to us. We have agreed for wheat but had not money to pay for it and our friends were cold enough to refuse to lend: Wll what think you? I told you that our friends in England were full of loving kindness and as a proof of this I re’d from them this day another 100£ bank note--[?] me nearly (perhaps more than) $500 in hand. I tell you this that God may have the Glory & honour of praise, and the might the Majesty; and that the dominion of Heaven & Earth may be ascribed to him through Jesus Christ now and forever amen.

Your loving Uncle Philander Chase

Letter to Rachel Denison



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