Philander Chase



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Philander Chase has been informed of the death and funeral of his brother Dudley Chase. He contemplates his brother's death and his own mortality as well as that of his remaining siblings, but he is consoled by the promise of Heaven.




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Jubilee College

Mar 18 1846

My dear Sister Rachel: I have heard no thing of the particulars of our dear Brother Dudley, death or funeral:--

A flying report thro’ the Messrs Cumming has reached me that he was dead. And then some one said that they heard he was buries not in Bethel to rest with his dear Relatives but in Randolph.

This is about all that has reached me as yet: but it is enough to make me sad. Tears flow from my eyes now that I am writing about it. Into your tender bosom I would drop my tears if you were present-- but you are afar off and I am here alone to bear my sorrows in solitude. I am not well-- My nights are restless

Besides the pains which I endure from my stage coach injury which deprive me of my sleep I have endured much anxiety on account of our dear Sarah Samuel’s Wife: She had lately been put to bed with a fine daughter but suffers much herself so that the company of my dear Wife has been required to keep alive the hope of her recovery: and this during the night as well as the day. Being unable to go abroad and exercise as I used to do my time hands heavily-- I sit down & try to read or write but soon fall to sleep. At times however when the weather is fine I go into the College garden and direct how things should be done: but it costs me some pains & trouble to ascent the uphil[sic] lawn to the house.

But this is talking of myself too much. There are thousands of more important subjects with which to fi[ll] up my letter.

Dudley’s death has brought me nearer to the world of Spirits than any thing else for many years. I have just been addressing Simeon as now my Only Brother and now I address you as my Only Sister. What solemn truths do these Adresses[sic] suggest to me? Did I ever think it would be so?

Mar 23’d. Since writing what is on the other leaf-- I have received a letter from [page] Thomas Russell giving me a detailed acct of the last sufferings and death of our Dear Brother Dudley: He says you were at his funeral & that Mr Class preached about the Resurrection from the words of our Sav’r to the sisters of Lazarus. This is the blessed theme, which you know I delight to dwell on. Were it not for the Resurrection our Redemption would not be finished in our Justification for it it said that he died for our suns and rose for our justification: Our faith would be vain, if the dead rise not. Our Brother, then, shall arise with you and me and all our dear family.

This is what consoles me in the loss of them here and in my own certain progress to the grave myself. And a consolation it is beyond all others the most precious.

I am happy to tell you that Sarah Samuel has recovered and is likely soon to be about. Babe very well. The rest of us quite well. My dear Wife worn our with care and fatigue, but quite healthy and sends her best love. A soft rain is falling this morning & the field begin to be quite verdent[sic]. I wrote this before breakfast on monday morning I preached in the morning of Yesterday & read prayers for the evening service. Some ladies from Knoxville a village about 30 m west [?] were present and are now at Dudleys. Love to All. Ever faithful Phil’r Chase

Letter to Rachel Denison



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