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A business transaction. Dudley is being asked to settle his debts with interest. A note from Dudley at following Potter's letter confirms that he has.




Portland, NH


Barret Potter, Debt, Elizabeth W. Chase, Dudley Chase, Portland, Boston, Lebanon


Portland August 9th 1823

Hon: Dudley Chase

Dear Sir,

Your favor has been duly received. The note referred to bears date August 28th 1804. For $600. And the interest to August 28 1823 nineteen years I make $684. Any time within six months will be satisfactory for the payment of one third of the amount. Elizabeth will be twenty one in three years from May next, I cannot say whether she will then want the [residue] of the demand. She may perhaps prefer if judiciously advised, to have all her monies in the funds, as being safer and more easily managed for a female. You can make your note if you please for $420 at six months from 28th inst. Payable to me or [under] on interest. Being one third of am’t at that date, and a note for $856 two thirds to Elizabeth W. Chase or order, on interest at three years from the last of May next.

Your note to me I will place in the hands of M. Iraos Winslow. Boston, if more convenient for you to remit the money there.

As the note to Elizabeth will lay sometime, though I have no doubt your name alone is perfectly good, yet to avoid any imputation in case of any event, that I has diminished the severity by leting of one of the [promises], I could if you have no objections that some person at least as good as Mr. Barton, might sign the note with you, and the responsibility of the name your procure I will have intirely [sic] with yourself, it being a debt due to your niece. Could wise to have the re’d note taken up, and the first of next month I shall make a journey to Boston and Lebanon (N.H.) shall be at the latter place about the 10th of Sept and remain there 12 or 15 days. In that time may find an opportunity to inclose you that old note and receive yours in return. The note to me I wish no other security, than your own name. While I am at Lebanon you may perhaps have a direct [opportunity] of sending me these, your notes and receiving the old one. If you I will indeavour [sic] as before suggested to forward it to you.

I remain Sir, with much respect your very obe’t

Ser’t Barrett Potter

[Shared] Sept 19th 1823. Handed to Willie Lyman Esq. a note [pay’d] by myself and S. G Cotton to [pay] th W. Chase an order for $856. Pay’d in 3 years from the last day of May next, and interest. Witnessed by B. William and George Throop and also my own note for the 24 [call] and intent [?] and order dated 24th. Augt. last in 6 mo from date — with well in dimensions to extrange there answer the within mentioned note of Dulee and myself, and inform me of exchange by 1st Mail, and forward the last mention’d note to me by 1st safe opportunity

D. Chase.

Letter to Dudley Chase



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