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Josiah Allport writes to Philander Chase explaining his ongoing efforts to raise funds for the Church in America.




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Birmingham Feb’y 27


Right Revd. & dear Sir,

Soon after I received your letter of Sept’r last, & the Copy of Reminiscences, I wrote you word, I think about the middle of Oct’r that I would try what I could do to raise raise [sic] a small sum in aid of your ardent exertions in the cause of our common & gracious Master & of his Church. I fear my letter did not reach you, as I directed it to New york - the superscription on yours - tho’ I think I inserted Bishop of Illinois. However I now send you an account of my endeavours up to the beginning of this month with a letter of credit from Mess’r Baring & Brothers. You would have had this sooner, as I was preparing it for the last Mails when a rumour reached us of your late sad accident & its probable fatality; but soon after, I was acquainted by Dr. R[u]msey with full particulars. I resumed my efforts to serve you; I am thankful indeed to the God of all grace, that he put it into my heart to try what I could do. I have since received about 20 £, & so [soon] as I can add to it what seems likely to complete my endeavours I will remit you again in the same way the result. Earl Howe has given me 5 with his best wishes. I trust & pray that by this time you have been perfectly restored, & are again enabled to resume your interesting & benevolent & apostolic occupations, & the [sic] carry out your important objects. Oh may you yet be spared long to complete measures of such consequence to the future welfare of the Church in your Episcopate, & throughout the United States. Should you be raised up again to attend to business, will you think over & give me your opinion of an important subject that has been mooted by some excellent men here, & first pressed upon my attention by my dear friend Dr Marsh of [Leamington]. You will have some knowledge of the late troubled state of the Church in Scotland. I mean the Episcopalian [Church]. The Evangelical portion of it are quite cast off by the arbitrary proceedings of the Bishops. Do you think three or four of the Bishops on your side of the Atlantic could concur in the consecration of a suitable [Divine] sent over to you, as a Bishop to foster & gather & serve the Evangelical portion of the Episcopal Church in Scotland? What would be your view of such a case my dear Sir, with your experience & maturity of judgment? I have written Bp Hopkins on the same point, having promised several of my Brethren that I would take the opinion of competent judges with you.

And now, Dear & Rev’d Sir, let me express my best hopes & wishes for your health & strength & every blessing. I hope you will get this speedily & that by the time I hear from you I may have something approaching towards a similar amount to that now sent. Tho’ most unworthy of such honour I am Yours faithfully & affectionately in Xt Jesus our Lord

Josiah Allport

I had almost forgotten to say that I purpose, DO, of despatching next week a Copy of my Translation of Bp Davenant on the Colosseans for your new College with a few other Books, & Mr [Beckersteth] will also send a parcel thro’ Seeleys. What do you think of our proposed Evangelical Alliance? I am very doubtful whether any good can grow out of it eventually, & therefore stand aloof, tho’ I can’t agree with any who altogether [?] it.

Letter to Philander Chase



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