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Philander reflects upon his own looming death as it appears his brother Dudley may soon die. He describes the growth of the farm at Jubilee and laments his own debilitating injuries. His son Dudley is recovering from a bad illness.




Rachel Denison, Philander Chase, Dudley Chase, death, illness, religion, Joseph Denison, Samuel Chase, Jubilee College, farm, sheep, cows, mill, injury, disability


Jubilee College Feb. 20. 46

Dear very dear Sister Rachel.

I re’d your daughters letter of the 26 ult’o written in your name in an’r to mine of the 2’d Jan: by the last mail. I read it and my wife & daughter read it and we all feel deeply affected at its contents. I mean those parts which relate to our dear Brother Dudley. His age is little more than yours and mine is only a little less. Together we were children - together we were young - and together we are old: and together we must die - God grant the [crowning] blessing of all, that together we may go to Heaven. Now, dear Sister, put all these things together and there is cause for Joy and not for grief - You remember the illustration I gave you by means of he Milkweed worms. - While in their earthly condition on the leaves of the Weed they highly esteemed their enjoyments and shuddered at the approach of Death. - But God had ordered that they after death should pass into another and a better state - that of the birds of the air. Even so we believe that Christ having died for us, has indeed risen for our [justification] and opened the kingdom of glory to all believers. May God strengthen us in this belief - & keep alive this hope in our bosoms making us rejoice in tribulation - submissive for the present that we may reign with Christ hereafter.

I am glad to hear that you have hopes that your dear James will return with your dear Dudley in the spring from Texas. It will rejoice your heart to see him once more.

It also gives me pleasure to learn that brother Denisons health is better than usual.

As to our own affairs here at Jubilee I may truly say we have reason for continual praise and thanksgivings to our Heavenly Father for general good health and great prosperity. ~ Our churches increase and our school is well and doing well. The numbers of our little ones on the Hill are continually growing. With Samuel’s 4 - we have 9 already and before midsummer I trust they will increase to a baker’s dozen ~ And as mouths increase something to fill them increases also. Our corn and flour mills are nearly completed - we have cakes and the flour of the finest wheat in plenty. And as for means for raiment as well as food the good God is not unmindful of us - Our Clip of wool this year will exceed 1,200 fleeces - and the lambs will (we trust) nearly reach to the number of 800 - the tithe of which have made their appearance already. As to cheese and butter of Kine we rather fail in these for want of Milkers - can’t your dear husband send me some from your land of Dairies?

I am loth to speak of my own personal health, for the injuries which I received on the Alleganies [sic] last fall, I fear will never be healed ~ I have written to England for advice: but the prescriptions are so complicated and need so much expense before they can be obeyed that I fear I must forgo them all and die a Cripple

I said we were all in good health - I should have excepted our dear Dudley - who is feeble. At present however he is better and we hope will still increase to convalesce. All the Churches around us to whom he when in health ministers think highly of this dear Preacher of the Gospel of the Blessed Jesus ~ May God (for their sakes) have pity on us and spare this youthful minister many years to us thro’ Jesus Christ our Lord.

Make my loving regards acceptable to D’r brother the D’r and his and your dear D’r [Joseph], & when you see the Bethel & Randolph friends say everything that is kind in the name & on behalf of your

Most affectionate Brother

Philander Chase

Letter to Rachel Denison



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