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Philander thanks Olivea, who is currently spending time with Lucia Russell, for her kindness to his brother Dudley during his illness. He updates Olivea on his family and the farm.




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16. Feb. 1846

Olivea Chase

Jubilee College Ill

Dear Sister,

I thank you and Dear Lucia for your joint-stock letter. It does my heart good to see that you two are together & help bear each others burdens. What a comfort it is to know those who now suffer will one day (& that soon) reign together in Christs kingdom! I am here at Jubilee sympathizing with you in Vermont. The distance between us seems as nothing when I seem to see you and hear you speak and behold your anxious care for my beloved Brother Dudley. Being so near his age and like him now suffering much in bodily health and remembering so many things in which we have paticipated [sic] in our past long lives I can not feel indifferent to any circumstance that relates to one so beloved. What you do to him you seem to do to me also, and tho’ he may appear at times to be in[sens]ible of your kindness - yet, dear Sister remember that I am not. I know your worth and thank you for your kindness to my Brother.

I rejoice to learn that Dudley Cummings is once more with you. How valuable his services must be now in such distress - my imagination not my pen can tell.

I am quite pleased to hear that Dear Sister Rachel has been to see you. Were I as near to you as she is I should taste that pleasure very often altho I am a cripple.

We are all in good health here on Jubilee Hill except Dudley my beloved son who is frequently complaining [?]. His zeal as a faithful minister of the Gospel - frequently carries him too far and then he sinks back in to a state of weakness. - You can recollect the feeble health of his dear Mother: his is similar. - Like her he is most beloved. - His little Son now about 2 years old, called Allexander [sic] after his maternal uncle is the finest child I ever saw. He speaks and holds a conversation like children of twice his age.

Tell Lucia that my praise of Allex’r must not detract from the excellencies of her grandchildren. Few are superior to them. I spoke to them yesterday (Sunday the 15 of Feb.) in Church and found them all well and delighted to speak of their Grandmother. Little Sally says she is gone beyond the great Lake waters to Vermont to see her friends. March has entirely recovered from his indisposition and Fide and Ruth were never better.

Henry’s 3 Children are well and very heavy. Philander’s Allice Corbett. is beyond all praise.

Our Mills are now at work - we have plenty of Meal - and Flour and Lumber.

Our Sheep - are in good health and are of the finest wool - in all 125[5] of these 6[5] are lambs a few days old only - more than 600 are yet to make their appearance this spring. - All if God prosper us.

Our Spiritual Flock I trust are not neglected: for the[re] [we] strive: for [these] we pray

love to all Your loving Brother P. Chase

Letter to Olivea Chase



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