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Philander Chase writes to the teachers about the role the Gospel must play in their teaching. He has entrusted Dudley Chase with enforcing this.




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Learning is no use unless it leads us to God who made us, who sustains us and who will judge us at the last day.

The Salvation of the soul must be the object aimed at: and this must be effected by a sober and affectionate behaviour in the Teacher & by modesty and docility in the learner.

The word of God or the Holy Bible as it is rightly divided and set forth in Lessons is to be read by the Whole school

The following prayer from the Prayer book is always to be repeated by the Teacher as he commences

“Blessed Lord who hath caused all holy Scriptures to be written for our Learning, grant that we may in such wise hear them read mark learn & inwardly digest them that by patience & comfort of thy holy word we may embrace & ever hold fast the blessed hope which thou hast given us in our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ

Directions have been given to the Rev. Dudley Chase to set forth the lessons to be read from the holy Scriptures & to him I refer you for instructions on this head and for any books or tracts that may be read or distributed in the School.

Above all pray that your own mind and heart may be awakened more & more unto a sense of the deadly nature of sins; and that [all] increasing desire for pardon and peace through the Blood of Jesus Christ may be shed [aboard] in your hearts. This and this only will make you duly anxious for the salvation of others.

Commending you & your work to the blessing of God thro’ Jesus Christ our Lord I am

Your Servant in the Lord

Phil’r Chase

Jan: 12 1846

Jubilee College

To the Teachers of the Hands at Hanes Hall

When one has read this let it be handed to another

Letter to the Teachers of the Hands at Hanes Hall



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