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The anonymous author aids Philander Chase in the Jubilee College funds. He is a "married man of 50 years" who is concerned about the spread of Catholicism.




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20 Dec. 1845

[Dear] Bishop Chase

Mr A___ of B___ has sent me a statement of your wants for Jubilee College. I am a person of little influence or means, but shall feel sincere pleasure in affording such aid as may be in my power to the good work of faith and labor of love in which you are engaged. It has been a source of comfort to the friends of Scripture truth in our Episcopal Church of England that yourself and the other Bishops stood those in high places who were unfaithful to their solemn obligation “to use all diligence to banish erroneous and strange doctrines” from among the pastors & flacks committed to their charge

Here I am sorry to say the case is otherwise. Romish errors have sprung up and been propagated in our Communion with the apparent approval of some of our Bishops and without any decided and becoming opposition from most of the others. The present position of our Church is an alarming one and if our Universites[sic] of Cambridge & Oxford continue to send forth and our Bishops continue to admit to the ministerial office more of whom the majority are at last semi-papists a seperation[sic] on a large scale of our Laity from the Clergy is I think inevitable. May god be gracious to our Church and continue it a witness to his truth to the ends of the earth

I am a married man of 50, with eight children. Would you mind the trouble of writing a seraph of paper with a short text of scripture for each your name and the date being given ++

Our dear Friend Bishop Alexander (of Jerusalem) has been called from the earthy Jerusalem which is in bondage with her Children to the City above which is free and the mother of us all

You and I shall never meet in the flesh. May we by the Redeemers merits meet our dear friend in true mansions of the blest.

“Yet may we join in the throng

Their sacred pleasures share

And sing the everlasting song

With all the ransomed there”!

Farewell dearest Bishop & faithful Pastor in the flock of Christ remember me in your prayers & believe me ever faithfully yours. ____. ____

Letter to Philander Chase



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