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Josiah Allport has sent Philander Chase a copy of his translation of a work by Dr Davenant, having previously sent him translations of Dr Davenant's other works. He then asks if Chase needs more copies of the Expositio ad Colossenses, which he had left at Kenyon College.




Josiah Allport, Philander Chase, England, Dr. Davenant, Expositio ad Colossenses, translation, Kenyon College, publishing



May 27 1845

Right Rev’d & dear Sir,

Having occasion to send some Copies of a Translation of a work of Dr. Davenant on Justification to your side of the Atlantic--as you had a Copy of my translation of the same author’s Expositio ad Colossenses, I have thought you might like the present work, & beg your acceptance of it. A copy of the second Vol. shall follow.

By a Letter from Bishop McIlvaine, I suffer that the Copy of the Exposition which I sent you when Bishop of Ohio was left in Kenyon College. If so, & you have not obtained another copy of that work, but would take one I will try to procure a copy (not having any myself) & send you with Vol II, of the present work if you will let me know.

Your old friend, [& my] best friend Dear Lady Ross[sic], as you are doubtless aware, has been taken to [her] rest & her reward now some years since. I hope you, my Dear Sir, are enjoying health & strength & seeing the blessing of God rest on your labours. We are strengthening here in troublous times & under gloomy prospects but the Lord reighneth, & will order all for the good of his Church & people, & keep the feel of his [saints].

Praying for every blessing to attend you personally & ministerially, I am Dear & R’t Rev’d Sir

Yours very faithfully

Josiah Allport

PS If you can render me any service in commending [?] work in any quarter I shall be greatly obliged. The Bp of Cashel, who set me upon it, has made it one of his Examining Books [?] Candidates for holy orders

Letter to Philander Chase



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