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Reverend Thomas Holme asks on behalf of the Bishop that Philander Chase send 100 pounds to Mrs. George. He regrets that Tractarianism has been so popular in the United States as well as in England, but belives that it will ultimately die out.




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E. Cowton Northallerton Yorkshire July 9th 1845

Right Rev’d and Dear Sir

Having for several months been expecting to receive a letter from you, I am afraid that if you have written to me your letter has been lost-- & that you may think me long in honoring your Drf’t on James George’s acc’t. Since I last had the pleasure of writing to you I have received assistance from some new friends who singularly enough at the very time of my application were collecting subscriptions for some other benevolent cause which you had taken in hand. I had a letter from Mrs George sometime ago giving an interesting acc’t of your interview with her and also a painful statement of the privations to which she had been reduced. On mentioning this to our worthy Bishop he [kindly] begg’d that I w’d request you to pay Mrs George £100 on her own acc’t. This perhaps you will be able to do--& add it to the Coll. Bill.

It is lamentable to see that even in America the Tractarian [lever] has been working and spreading so extensive. In our own Church I am inclined to hope that its popularity is on the wane, & that ultimately good will arise from evil. It is however grievous to think that in the high places of our Zion with some few exceptions the doctrine of Regeneration as necessarily accompanying the Sacrament of Baptism is so strongly maintained.

I am Right Rev’d & very dear Sir

with respect & esteem

Yours faithfully

T. Holme

Letter to Philander Chase



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