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Bishop Johns writes to William Sparrow that he is willing to write recommendations for some candidates prior to the General Convention.




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G. Town Aug’t 22 ‘44

[Rev] & Dear Sir.

Mr Gassoway sent me this morning the recommendations of Mr Batchadler. They are certainly very full & ought to be Satisfactory, it were not that such papers are so [?] obtained as to have become almost valueless. A personal knowledge seems to be [indispensable] to safe action. If you have such knowledge & think the enquiries w’d answer I sh’d be happy to devolve entirely upon you the necessary negotiation. I have written to the Rev’d Mr Good with a view to [?] him & open a Correspondence who tho nearly a fortnight has elapsed, no reply has been rec’d I therefore despair of anything from that [quarter] in turn to be available. I have reason to believe that if Mr Good could be engaged, he would suit us better than any one we can obtain from abroad. Mr [Dalry[?]] I am Sure w’d become a very valuable man to us at the head of the academy but I am reluctant to acquiesce in his withdrawal from the parochial work, if it can be avoided. I sh’d not however be surprised, from Bp Meades last letter if he has already fixed the matter with Mr D. if so the arrangement will be very agreeable to me & I am ready to write in a Strong commendation of the school under his care.

Pendleton, I [presume] is committed for Baltimore. I wish all the influence of the Church there were committed in his favour for I feel deeply [concerned] for his abundant success.

I have been constantly engaged in correspondence preparatory to our application on behalf of the Seminary. All agree that after the G. Convention will be the proper Season & all hold out to us very encouraging assurances.

Yours truly

J. Johns

Letter to William Sparrow



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