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James Ramsey sends money from friends in England for Bishop Chase's cause. He also informs Chase of the death of Mary Caroline Ward, and praises Chase's "protest against Tractarianism."




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Amersham [3]0 May 1844

Right Reverend & most dear Bishop!

I inclose with a thankful heart for your kind acceptance a Bank Post bill for £61 which some earnest friends to you & your holy cause have sent to us for your help & your comfort. May it please God to prosper its safe passage over the great waters to your hands, & bless your appropriation of it to the best satisfaction of your heart’s desire, so that you may be permitted even in this your day & generation to see its fruits [to] the good of your fellow creatures, & to his Glory! Amen! You will have safely, I trust, received in due time a Bill for £50 dispatched from hence (from several kind friends) on the 24 Feb: & another for the same [Sam] from Lord Kenyon sent on the 31 March. The names of the Christian contributors on this present occasion will be given yo[u] in this sheet. The £50 for Mr Chase’s servant will be forwarded at Midsummer. And now having concluded these matters of business, let me, most honoured Sir! thank you for your welcome letters received on the 15 & 16 March. Much did they delight & edify us, & not a few beside ourselves. We desire indeed that you should know that very many of those who love the Lord Jesus in sincerity & truth seek to know your words as they would fain be helped by them on their way thro’ “the wilderness of the world,” seeing how you are yourself helped, even by that spirit of wisdom & love which “cometh from above,” & has nothing in it “of the earth, [earthly].” Oh! for a gracious outpouring of that blessed spirit upon us all, in life & in death, for His sake who died for us, even His [?], helpless creatures! How comfortable to reflect upon the course of [those] who have been led as sheep by the good shepherd even [unto] the end, like your dear Mary Ohio! It is probable that you have been informed of her early removal from “this dim [?], which men call earth” to “an habitation [not] made with hands, eternal in the Heavens,” there to rejoice with “the spirits of just men made perfect.” If not, I grieve to be the messenger of intelligence to you which for a season will so touch your affectionate heart. She died after a very few days illness; having very recently before written to my beloved helpmeet the letter I inclose as sacredly [due] to yourself [?] her hand. A sweet frame it displays. May you meditate with holy comfort on her pleasant path so much as it truly was enlightened by your own! Your “Review of Jubilee College” came safely; & very much we are obliged to “the Rev’d Samuel Chase” for so clear & important a statement of your complicated & trying concerns. We rejoice & are thankful for your warm & earnest protest against Tractarianism. Here it spreads fearfully. As the religion of [?] human nature - of works - it is acceptable to the [unscrewed] mind. The most painful circumstance connected with it is that so many who have been reputed for Evangelical fall into the snare. The truth is, we believe, that a large proportion of these have only been [such] by education, habit, & association, & never really awakened to the reception of the Truth “in the love of it”: & hence, when a system so flattering to the uncombated priest, & so welcome to all naturally, is presented to the mind, it envies all before it. It insinuates itself into all [aisles]. The arts, the sciences, hail it; for they find in it something which has a shew of religion, & even asks their friendly aid, without requiring that their [?] “cut off the right hand,” or “pluck out the right eye.” Very earnestly we hope, most beloved Bishop! that you will lift up your voice against this fearful heresy - Popery, altho’ not so yet called - at all convenient seasons & places. It has pleased Him who, [?] as it seems good to Him to give you a name in these Kingdoms which may make your words of a value to immortal souls, & to the Church, [you] hardly think of. We rejoice to think too of all the hopeful & already excellently useful members of your house. The Lord be with you all! Amen!

My sister Miss Ramsey, of Reading, Berkshire is a most earnest & active friend to yourself, Mrs Chase, & all your important objects.

I inclose two of [Mrs] R’s letters on cheap schools for the Poor, which have been remarkably prospered here. No [buildings] are wanted. The children [mainly] pay the expenses. And “[emulation]” is kept out. Ever, dearest Bishop, your most reverent & affectionate friend & servant

James Ramsey

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